Friday, 16 May 2008

Council overshoots housing target by 40%

The current slump in the local housing market highlights how we can't rely on the market to provide solutions to our housing needs. Just because developers are waiting to maximise their profits doesn't mean people should be forced to live in inadequate housing or worse.
 Plaid's own research in Wrecsam reveals that the council's own 1996-2011 Unitary Development Plan - its blueprint for development - estimated that 5775 dwellings would be provided between 1996 and 2011.

 But by April 2007 5887 homes - 112 more than the target - had already been built in the borough. In addition, a further 3824 have been granted planning permission to be built in the next five years. That's a staggering 40% more than the original plan.

 Was it worth the paper it was printed on?

 Developers have cashed in on Wrecsam over the past 10 years, leaving us with house prices that have trebled in 10 years and many people unable to afford to buy or rent. The next development plan for Wrecsam should reflect the needs of local people not the greed of housing developers.


Dba said...

with the economic spiral, i have heard that 2 house builders,redrow being one of them have stopped building in gwersylt,to many new houses which have been bulid are far to exspensive for local people,and are standing empty.
In London,in the 1980s housing estates made way for posh flats and penthouses, new housing was build in the home counties,communitys was just moved 60 miles down the road with no choice in the matter.
The new build housing in wrexham,must be stopped,we need new housing for local people,who wish to stay in wrexham and not forced out .

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

The UDP/LDP needs to be changed to ensure that any development of more than 10 units has 40% of the units classed as affordable. At present it is 25% of developments over 25 units.

Dba said...

what can be classed has affordable,local wages,local people,or outsiders affordability,with better wages,the banks are not giving 100% mortagages,and if they was,local people could still not afford a 90% mortagage, due to low wages. average rent on a [local] H/Assocation house is £72 a week.

Dba said...

part of the barracks hightown,is to be turned into £90.000=+ flats, why is this going on, look around wrexham, all new build are not selling, i hope the companys involved in this go bust.