Monday, 26 May 2008

Flexsys closure - new opportunities

North Wales Plaid AM Janet Ryder meets Dave Robinson, Gwilym Jones and Trevor Williams of the Unite union at Flexsys, Cefn Mawr, to discuss the future of the 160 workers there.
 These are well-paid skilled jobs that are once again being lost and we need a regeneration package for the local community as well as the workforce to ensure the site is cleaned up by the owners - it is a case of "polluter pays" and Cefn Mawr has had its share of that over the years.
 One interesting possibility is using the power plant on site - a Combined Heat and Power plant - to power new industries and the local community. This provides work for some of the workers and could be expanded with the use of a local power grid. The workers also had other ideas and initiatives that could be fed into a regeneration package.

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Dba said...

would this include all the waste barrells that are toxic, around wrexham,when the consultation has finished,and we can prove that it come from a certain factory?