Thursday, 15 May 2008

Housing renewal grant house to be demolished

A house that received substantial housing grants from the council is to be demolished by its owner to make way for more flats.
 The St John's Road/Rutland area of Whitegate - a total of 200 homes - missed out on the Hightown Housing Renewal Area some years ago. Local residents were angry that similar streets had received the home improvements - and even angrier that one house on Kingsmills Road that had received grants is to be demolished by the owner!

 Councillor Marc Jones, of Plaid Cymru, took this matter up with the council on behalf of local residents during his election campaign. Officials confirmed the house had received grants more than five years ago and was now up for demolition. Officials said there was nothing they could do to recoup the grant due to the time lapse.

 Cllr Jones said: "Money is tight in most households as well as the council coffers. That's why we shouldn't be wasting thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money on improvements to houses that then get demolished. That money should have been paid back so that other homes could have benefited.

 "I will be urging the council to look again at its criteria for grants to ensure that we get value for money and a fair deal for everybody."


Dba said...

on my understanding ,if the work was done on a house owned by the tenants,there is a clause which state they have to pay the money back, a few friends in highown can no sell here houses yet due to that clause, on another note with the 2012 WHQS housing standards,if the housing does go to an RSL housing assocations,and it goes bankrupted what will happen to the housing will it get knocked down

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

There must surely be a limit on the number of flats that Wrecsam can assimilate. House Builders like Castlemead have ceased building houses in Jutland Rise and Redrow hace ceased in Pentre Bach, so why are we still granting planning permission when we have 40% more houses than was in the Unitary Development Plan and we still have 3 years of the plan to go.