Sunday, 18 May 2008

Housing...How bad the situation really is!!

Here are some statistics which give you an indication of how bad the housing situation in Wales really is:

1. In 1981 there were 300,000 Council houses in Wales.

2. Now there are only 235,000 'social housing' units in Wales.

3. Since 1996 authorities have built 17,500 social housing units in Wales

4. Since 1996 authorities in Wales have SOLD 34,000 social housing units under the Right to buy/Right to Aquire schemes.

5. The Social Housing Grant for Wales in 2005 was £80 million and built 1113 housing units.

6. In 1992 the SHG was £174 million and built 5,200 homes.

The Assembly Government needs to get devolved authority to suspend the right to buy and also to double the Social Housing Grant. The situation needs drastic action.


cymrumark said...

Many congratulations on the breakthrough in Wrexham...good to see Plaid reaching all parts of Wales now.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Thanks - amazing that Plaid is part of the ruling coalition in a third of Welsh councils.