Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Democracy...Flintshire Style!!

I see from today's Daily Post that Flintshire have announced the team to run the council...its a coalition of Independent Alliance, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, who share all the seats on the Executive Board. The Labour opposition with 22 Councillors get no Executive Board seats and there is no mention of where the solitary Plaid Cymru Councillor in Flintshire is? Seems that Flintshire, like Carmarthenshire have a serious democratic deficit in their system of governance where parties with large numbers of councillors do not get any seats on Executive Boards i.e Plaid Cymru with 30 councillors in Carmarthenshire get NO seats on the Executive whilst Labour with 11 Councillors get 3 where is the sense in that. The Assembly Government need to legislate so that Council's governing bodies are "POLITICALLY BALANCED"

Watch this space...Wrecsam County Borough Council should be making an announcement about their system of governance soon.............!

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