Thursday, 29 May 2008

A lot more allotments!

There are 50 people on the waiting list for allotments in Wrecsam - and yet there are no allotments in the whole of Caia Park. At a time of soaring food prices, growing concerns over food miles and demand for organic produce, the healthy option of growing your own has never been more popular
 With this in mind, councillors Carrie Harper (Queensway) and Marc Jones (Whitegate) are launching a consultation to find out how many people in the area would like an allotment to grow their own fruit and vegetables.
 We're also keen to involve the local schools and Caia Park food cooperative to make sure a whole new generation grows up eating more healthy and organic food. And it's good exercise!
 If you want to know more about getting an allotment, get in touch on plaidwrecsam @

UPDATE: After a piece in the Wxm Mail and Leader, we've had a great response so far from Caia and, interestingly, further afield. About a dozen new people have signed up for an allotment and a visit to the Caia Park Food Cooperative got an excellent response.
 If you want cheap fresh food, pop down to Kingsley Circle Community Centre every Tuesday morning 10-12am where you can buy a bag of veg or fruit for just £2.50.


Dba said...

can we use our healthy star vouchers , for the bag of veg? this would be a good idea

Dba said...

with regards to allotments, if we set ourselfs up as an eco group,the council do in fact have to give us the land by Law,or am i missinformed, on another note if the housing stock transfer of council housing does go ahead, on whos land shall these allotments be given to the community by RSL or Council, and will it effect the allotments if the councils option is stock transfer?
I think by law if we are indeed an ech group they have to give us the land, but is there any in wrexham that has not got new build homes on,which the council have sold of allready

Monty Don said...

In tonight's Leader, CArrie says that there is clearly a demand for allotments and then the piece finishes with a quote saying "The councillors stressed that they had to show demand before they could proceed with the allotment plans" - which is it?

Shurely you're not being economical with the truth?

Plaid Whitegate said...

There is obvious demand generally but there is a need for us to prove there's demand from people in Caia Park. I'm sure Monty will be delighted that we've had a great response to our request.
Interesting how many women with families are coming forward.