Friday, 9 May 2008

Martyn Jones on the BNP.

Martyn Jones was recently quoted in the Evening Leader as follows:

"He said: "I am deeply concerned at the results for the BNP displayed in Wrexham last week. The fact that four of the five BNP candidates were able to stroll to victory unopposed is a stain on all political parties for failing to be awake to the reality of the situation, and for failing to put forward enough candidates accordingly."

We should all be concerned at this development but on the other hand if the Constituency Labour Party spent as much time preventing the BNP walking in unopposed on Coedpoeth Community Councils as they did to prevent me gaining a seat on Gwersyllt Community Council then perhaps the BNP would have endured more embarrassing defeats.

There are 17 seats on Gwersyllt Community Council and Labour slated 17 candidates, 15 of whom were standing as Labour and another 2 non aligned (but Labour) addition to myself Emlyn Phennah stood as an independent...we were both succesful with two long standing Labour Councillors being defeated...yet another kick in the teeth, I hear you say...will they never learn.

As a matter of interest three BNP Councillors on Colwyn Bay Town Council mysteriously resigned yesterday...anyone know what that's all about.


Dba said...

martyn jones does appear to be a sleep after all, i do thing he has been in london to long and needs to get back to wrexham

Plaid Whitegate said...

Martyn Jones may appear to be concerned about the BNP, but not concerned enough to join hundreds of trade unionists (and many of his fellow Labour members) on the recent anti-fascist march in town. Neither has he attended any of the events recently organised by the Trades Council to counter the BNP.
Is his new-found concern perhaps trying to deflect attention from his own party's appalling performance in the recent elections?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Perhaps he's concerned because all seven BNP candidates stood in wards in Martyn's own constituency of Clwyd South and two Mike Whitby and Ennys Hughes got a reasonable proportion of the vote. Perhaps its a wake up call to Martyn, its not like he's been high profile in Clwyd South last few years...remember what happened to your Labour colleagues when they take the electorate for granted.

Cynghorydd / Cllr. Carwyn Fowler said...

Llongyfarchiadau mawr ar eich buddugoliaeth ysgubol. Fantastic news from Wrexham. Consider yourself linked!

Plaid Whitegate said...

Diolch Carwyn - da clywed fod Porth Tywyn efo cynghorydd newydd!

Dba said...

I have just heard that the name wrexham lager is in the offering, martyn jones bought the rights and name for £1 from carlsberg tetley, if indeed it is sold who will benift from the sale of wrexham lager, i have been told a germany company may buy it.

jim said...

How is it that you lot are knocking labour but are working hand in glove with them in the assembly.
And when are our bright shiny new Plaid councillors going to make a collective condemnation of the Iraq war,and the propsed Military traing camp at St Athan???.
Its no use being watered down Labour,and it's no use knocking idiots like Martyn Jones if you are onlu going to emulate him and embrace his policies and politics.

Plaid Whitegate said...

I can't think of a single policy of Martyn Jones that I'd emulate. Can you?
As for working with Labour in the Assembly - it's a progressive coalition that's very different from New Labour when it comes to PFI and privatisation.
Opposing the Iraqi war - tick. St Athan - tick. But it doesn't change a thing for me to state my opposition, does it?