Thursday, 8 May 2008

Press Impartiality

Good Morning...and it is still a very good morning in Wrecsam!!
Dealing with the press is somewhat of an art. I sent a letter to the Evening Leader last Monday morning thanking the electorate of Gwersyllt West for their support and even going so far as thanking my opponent for a clean fight (something a lot of Councillors and Candidates didn't enjoy) and of course I thanked my predecessor Councillor Keith Hett who as a Labour member is something of an anomaly in the Wrecsam Constituency Labour Party...he's one of the 'very, very' few socialists in the party.

Anyway back to the Evening Leader and its impartiality, you can imagine what I thought when Alison Halford's letter had jumped the queue, now no problem with Alison but you would have thought that the electorate of Gwersyllt West were as deserving of being thanked as those of Ewloe...I'm still waiting for my letter to be published! I suppose I'll have to go round with the tannoy tonight.

If you've got any views on the impartiality of the media...feel free to 'have a go' we will try not to censor on this site!

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