Saturday, 14 June 2008

Environmental audit in Whitegate

On Wednesday, I joined the Streetscene coordinator Peter Dines, CMB Dave Sprowson and local residents on an environmental audit of the Pentregwyn area.

 Among the most pressing cases we identified was a dangerously crumbling wall behind Coed y Bryn, which the housing department are now aware of. It beggars belief that this has been allowed to deteriorate to such a state that it could easily fall on a child's head.

 There was also concern about a large pothole on the Queensway pavement caused by water forcing up through the pavement in heavy rain due to blocked drains. Thanks to Peter, the pothole was repaired (as it has been before) but this time the council has also unblocked the drains and is dealing with roots that are causing the underlying problem. All this was done within 24 hours, which shows that council officers can respond at speed when it's required.
 I'll be talking to the Housing manager for the area on Monday about the pressing need for more off-street parking on the estate and how far we can stretch the budget to improve things in the area.

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