Saturday, 28 June 2008

Some New Facts on Housing in Wrexham

Amongst items for discussion at the Executive Board on Tuesday is a report which contains the following (quote):

"It is 8 years since refuse rounds were last reviewed by WCBC. In the intervening years more than 4,000 properties have been built in the Wrexham area, including a number of housing estates with more than 100 new homes in each...

In the next 3 years it is expected that 2,700 residential properties will be constructed. Land availability actually allows for a total of 3,680 with 2,985 on large sites of more than 10 homes and 696 on small sites, but completions will depend on market conditions..."

And the last few words are the hub of the matter, why should young people who pay exorbitant rents in the private sector have to depend on 'market conditions' and more importantly why should actual homeless and threatened homeless people remain in that state whilst we depend on the 'free market.'

Undoubtedly my colleague Cllr Carrie Harper will raise these figures at the next Planning Policy Panel if they don't tally with the current Unitary Development Plan which runs until this space!

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