Tuesday, 3 June 2008

United front to save post offices

Councillors have called for a united front to save Wrecsam post offices from closing after the shock revelation that up to one in five could close.

Councillor Marc Jones, who represents Whitegate ward, said:"There are 43 post offices in the borough and Post Office management admits that they have a target of around 18%. In some consultation areas up to 22% gave gone - which means that up to nine could be axed in Wrecsam.

 "In many communities, post offices are the last village shop and losing them would be a terrible blow. Rather than politicians passing the buck on this, we need a united front of communities, trade unions and local politicians to fight the closure programme. We must ensure that as much business from both central government and local councils is permitted through the post office network."

He said the uncertainty was making life difficult for the people running the post offices. Cllr Jones said: "I was speaking to my local sub-post mistress last week and there is obviously a cloud hanging over these vital community assets. They cannot plan for the future and both they and their customers need that security.

"From July we'll know exactly which ones are threatened and that's when this united front will kick into action."

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