Sunday, 13 July 2008

Caia Park Environmental Open Day success

Caia Park Environmental Open Day braved the weather and was rewarded with a great day's entertainment at Gwenfro School. Congratulations must go to Dorothy and all the volunteers from the Caia Park Environmental Group who helped to make it such a success. 

It shows what can be done with a determined community effort. 

 The Bring and Take stall, where people can bring unwanted goods and take anything that they find useful, attracted many interested visitors - the kids in particular were delighted to get free toys. This is a scheme that's ahead of its time and I hope that Wrexham Council, among others, will take it more seriously than they have so far. 

 The only downside was that, at the end of the day, none of the rubbish could be recycled! Hopefully next year, as well as seeing Recycle with Michael we can actually do it in practice.

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Dba said...

its just a pity that all politcal partys M.Ps A,Ms can not bring themselfs to talk on the day and forget the political differances they have between them,it appears i was getting the odd look, by speaking to plaid and conservative councillor, no one has ever asked me to join a certain party, perhaps im asking all the wrong questiones,it was nice for everyone to have such a community spirit,
Appologies excepted,perhaps next time one could wear dark classes to avoid stares,which i do think is very rude,and i was not brought up to stare, very rude indeed of one