Monday, 7 July 2008

Gwersyllt News.

Yesterday we attended the Gwersyllt Community Council Civic Service at the Holy Trinity Church at Gwersyllt which was exceptionally well attended where the lessons were read by the Chair of the Community Council, Councillor June White and the Assembly Member Lesley Griffiths. Also present was Ian Lucas and his wife as well as the Mayor David Griffiths and his wife. Following the service light refreshments were provided at the Gwersyllt Workingmens Club. My thanks go to the Clerk of the Community Council, Keith Bryant for organising the event.

There are many initiatives ongoing in Gwersyllt presently: The Early Intervention Team (part of the Youth Offending Service) are working in conjunction with the Youth Services to introduce initiatives to divert young people away from crime and anti social behaviour. Part of this initiative is to work with the Housing Office and the Police to identify land that can be used as an allotment/community garden. Secondly, we are awaiting approval of our plans for environmental improvements, one of these is to improve the area around Derek's Minimarket on Wheatsheaf Lane. Personally I am looking to substantial improvements to Moss Road especially the area near the Livery Stables where the wall collapsed especially as there are children who walk along that road to school.

In addition to my ward work I am also lead member for Children and Young Persons (Additional Learning, Safeguarding and Support) that's where I'm off to now, a meeting with the Chief Officers.

Surgery Dates:
10th July, 11am to 1pm.
16th July, 2pm to 4pm.
Resource Centre, Second Avenue, Gwersyllt.

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Dba said...

I thing another good idea would be for Y,I,P and YOT to come together and join the childrens peace campaign, the carbon footprint concerns them more so, this sort of work would be both beneficial to the climate and the communitys,

A Children's Revolution peace conference at a national summit meeting of young people in the three small villages threatened with being destroyed by the third runway at Heathrow Airport is being proposed by the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign in association with the Freedom Network.

The idea is to also hold a free children's peace festival for the children of Sipson, Harmondsworth, and Harlington, in combination with the youth summit of children, teenagers, and university students immediately after the Camp for Climate Action march leaves from the Heathrow villages for the Kingsnorth power station in Kent towards the end of July 2008.

Some of the parents and friends of the Children of the Eco Warriors intend to continue to lend their support to the local residents' campaign to try to stop the third runway at Heathrow, and to assist with the emerging Children's Revolution and the new youth Movement being organised by the Student Climate Project which took part in the kids' bloc march at the climate camp at Heathrow in August 2007.

The purpose of the proposed youth summit meeting will be to try to inaugurate a kind of United Nations of young people, and to enable the children to hold a peace conference to discuss amongst themselves their own concerns about major issues such as world peace, the global warming crisis, and the increasing killing of children in Britain and around the world.
The basic principle behind this will be to ask the children what they would like to be able to do about the problems that are concerning them, and how the older generations can best help them to change things for the better.

This will be in accordance with the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child which has been signed into law in most countries including Britain, and which requires that children must be consulted about important decisions that directly affect them.
This idea was also an important part of the Rio Earth Summit Agenda 21 which was agreed by all the nations of the world in 1992, but which has never actually been implemented properly before.

Unfortunately there has been virtually no action to put any of these ideas into practice, and the plight of the world's children is becoming increasingly more perilous as the wars over oil and food and water and land get worse and worse, and the global temperatures continue to rise alarmingly.
Many scientists now claim that global warming and climate change are driving the human race to extinction this century, and that the present generation of children will probably be the last one on the Earth.

It is a sobering thought that the reason for the rise in Britain of teenage street gangs that fight and kill each other may very well be directly related to the global environmental crisis as the kids evolve a new alternative society that they feel provides them with some protection from the collapsing civilisation of their parents' generation.
The human race faces extinction this century as a result of global warming, according to Dr Peter Barrett the director of the British Antarctic Research Centre in Wellington New Zealand, and Professor James Lovelock has also said that the Earth will become almost completely uninhabitable within 100 years, and 90% of humanity will be wiped out as a result.

Recently the eminent NASA scientist Dr James Hansen who is regarded as being the world's foremost climate expert, said that the Earth has passed the tipping point for Arctic and Greenland ice loss, and that when the polar ice caps melt there will be a worldwide sea level rise of between 240 to 270 feet, which is in the region of 80 to 100 metres.
It is hardly any wonder that the kids are getting worried and are resisting and fighting back in self defence against the global capitalist political and economic system that is responsible for causing this terrible threat to their own survival.

Street warfare by children and teenagers is now a worldwide phenomenon which has been occurring on the streets of the big cities in America for many years, and children as young as seven and eight routinely carry Uzi sub-machine guns while dealing heroin and cocaine on the streets of New York, Washington, and Los Angeles.
The murderous "gangsta rap" music is their preferred entertainment of choice while they go out to kill each other in battles over territory and quarrels about hierarchy and the total lack of respect that members of different gangs show to each other.
Every country in the Third World has large numbers of street gangs of children and teenagers who also deal drugs and commit crimes and shoot and stab each other to death.

The youth summit meeting and peace conference in the Heathrow villages are not intended to be judgemental protests or demonstrations against gun and knife crime, or against the destruction of the environment by the government and the corporations.
Instead these events should be simply gatherings of young people and student activists, together with local children and their parents and peace and environmental campaigners seeking to find a way forward to solving the most important problems of the Age.
Hopefully this historic occasion will prove to be a beacon of hope for the whole world which is struggling to find its way out of the darkness of despair and desperation of the violence and the wars, and into the light of a New Age of peace and salvation for all humankind.

Ideally the youth summit meeting should be organised by the Student Climate Project, and the peace conference should be conducted in a giant marquee with all the young people involved sitting in a huge circle in the style of the early American Indian powwows.
Experienced facilitators should be on hand to help make the whole process work, but the style and format should be entirely up to the participants and it is not envisaged that they should be expected to engage in any kind of political activity, but rather to simply talk amongst themselves about the issues that most concern them.

This is intended to be the beginning of helping to get young people involved with the Environmental Movement so that they can understand that there really are people in the community who are working to solve the major problems faced by everyone on the Earth, and that the peace and environmental campaign groups do in fact welcome children and teenagers.
This has always been the case as far as the grassroots Eco Warrior protests and campaigns have been concerned, but in the last few years the Movement has tended to become more and more political, and the Camp for Climate Action appears to have been trying to take over and dictate policy now to all the smaller groups and organisations.

The climate camp meetings have either ignored or rejected the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign's proposals for holding a youth summit meeting, a peace conference for young people, and free children's festivals.
These events are intended to be part of the process of involving the younger generation in taking local action in their own local areas to combat global warming and climate change.
We believe that not only do young people need a real sense of identity and belonging in their own local communities, but that they also need to feel as if they themselves can help to make a difference and to change the terrible things that are threatening their very survival on the Earth.

The most important question that we must be asking the young people is what do they want the rest of us to do to help them ensure their own survival, and to allow them to inherit the Earth in a condition that is healthy enough to sustain future generations, because at the moment humanity is facing extinction this century, according to the United Nations climate scientists.
Journalists from all over the world will be invited to participate in the youth summit meeting at Heathrow.
This is intended to be part of the process of discovering the truth about the urgency of what is really happening to the global environment, and what has been going wrong with the relationship between the younger and the older generations, and what needs to be done to solve all of these important issues.

The news media really does need to learn from the young victims in particular, about the way that the corrupt capitalist political and economic system is responsible for starting the wars and causing the violence and most of the destruction of the Earth's environment.
The journalists need to know about the fear and anxiety that young people everywhere are now experiencing as a result of the rapidly deteriorating state of the environment, and the increasing killings of young people in all the wars and on the streets of the big cities of the world.

Television is regarded these days as being the Voice of Truth in the corner of the room in everyone's homes, but the sad fact is that most of the news media has been so dumbed down to the point that it now appears to be operating in a conspiracy with the governments and the corporations that use the media to promote their own greedy, bloodthirsty, and destructive agendas.
Editors and journalists have a responsibility to teach the public as well as to inform and entertain them, but they no longer make any real attempt at investigative reporting to educate young people about what is going on behind the scenes, and to let them know why the ordinary working people are being lied to and abused and exploited by their governments.

Nor does the news media make any attempt to offer any real solutions to the major problems of the Age that we live in.
The most important issues are being ignored or overlooked by the newspapers and the television channels which do not question "authority" anymore, because they themselves have become the servants of their masters in big business and big government.
There is no longer any basis of trust in the politicians, or the corporate leaders, bankers, and media proprietors.

Peace and environmental activists already know precisely what we are opposed to, but most people do not seem to have any idea about what they should be doing to stop global warming and the catastrophic rush towards an Apocalyptic World War Three.
We are totally against the casual way that our governments and the transnational corporations who employ them are using teenagers as soldiers to kill women and children in the Middle East for control of the Iraqi oil reserves.
We are against the glorification of war and all the gratuitous violence on television that inspires children to kill each other without mercy or compunction.

We are also opposed to the casual cynical attitude of the greedy so-called "celebrities" who make their money off the backs of the ordinary working people and their children, by supporting the murderous capitalist system that is killing everything and everyone on the Earth.
The media is saturated with what they refer to as "celebrity culture" which glorifies the jet set lifestyles of the stars of films and music and sport, with their mindless consumption of consumer products, excessive drinking and drug taking, and the driving of fast cars and flying in aeroplanes that cause enormous amounts of greenhouse gas pollution and environmental destruction.

"Noel Turns on the Eco Warriors," was the headline in thelondonpaper on 21 November 2006.
Quoting an exclusive interview from Rupert Murdoch's Sun newspaper, the free giveaway paper reported:
Rock star Noel Gallagher today blasted what he sees as the fad for environmental crusades.
Commenting on efforts to curb global carbon dioxide emissions, the Oasis star said:
"Greens are fucking hippies with no place in the world.
"How do you suggest we get millions of Chinese not to have a fridge?
"Or get millions of Americans to stop using their big, stupid cars?"
Gallagher, 39, believes that even if the planet changes for the worse, future generations will take it in their stride.

The rock star said: "Kids adapt. Our parents were horrified about the society we built for ourselves - drugs and sex and drink and rock 'n' roll and television.
"But to us, it's normal.
"So we'll be horrified by what follows.
"By the time I'm on my deathbed my daughter Anais, who is six, will be some mental, axe-wielding cyber-punk lunatic.
"And I'll be horrified," Mr Gallagher said.

This is the sort of nonsense that some of the so-called "celebrity" role models apparently say publicly.
Rupert Murdoch's newspapers publish this garbage without a second thought for the effect such statements could be having on the minds of impressionable young children, or for the need to be setting a proper example to the next generation, rather than just exploiting them to make money.
"Celebrities" are held up by the media as heroes for young people to admire and emulate, and they encourage the illusion and false hope that the children are being sold when they spend their hard-earned money on all the worthless "celebrity" merchandise.

Children are being exploited by the BBC and the rest of the television companies, and they are being used and degraded by the Murdoch media in particular, which even publishes photographs of naked teenagers in semi-pornographic poses, and refers to them as "page three girls".
The TV channels cynically poison the minds of young children with all their horror and violence and blood and guts that they pump out continuously 24 hours a day, without giving any heed to the terrible effect that the constant broadcasting of horrible atrocities must be having on the young people that don't have much choice but to watch it.

Politicians and television news presenters claim that they don't know why there are children killing each other on the streets, but it must be obvious to most people that the constant bombardment of images of mutilation and death on the television is contributing to destroying the very fabric of human civilisation.
The government talks about putting more police on the beat and passing laws so judges can give tougher prison sentences and national service for young offenders who shoot and stab people to death, and television commentators talk about the need for more youth clubs and dance classes, as if this would make any difference.

But there is no suggestion from the politicians about stopping the abuse of the teenagers who are being trained to kill people in their oil wars, and no sign from the media corporations that they have any plans to get rid of all the violence that they are showing on TV.
What we are campaigning for are positive answers to the problems of the way that children and young people are being murdered and abused by their own governments and the corporations that pay the politicians to do their dirty work for them, such as fighting and killing people in the Third World for their oil.

The theme of the proposed Children's Revolution events in the threatened Heathrow villages this summer will be "For the Children," which is the title of Angel's song which was written especially for the youth summit, peace conference, and children's peace festival that we are proposing should be held.
Angel and her daughter Sunshine started the current anti-aviation expansion campaign by squatting Mole Hill Green next to Stansted Airport several years ago.
Angel also helped Sunshine and her friends in the kids' bloc to start the first Children's Revolution events at the Stirling eco-village during the Gleneagles G8 protest in 2005.

The Children's Revolution group started as a hastily created loose-knit collective of individuals, many of whom were associated with other peace and environmental campaign groups.
The groups that contributed to the success of the Children of the Eco Warriors' picnic blockade of the Gleneagles summit were the Green Quakers, Rinky Dink, Peace Not War, Revolutionation, the Rhythms of Resistance, the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, and People and Planet, the student environmental charity.
Stonehenge Brian from Visiondanz Infinite Possibilities was one of the legal observers with a video camera who filmed the entire event.

The following day the riot police were still blocking the entrance to the Stirling eco-village, and Raga the Quaker peace activist helped the children paint their banner "The Kids Are Revolting!" which they paraded around with in front of the rows of police officers.
About 1000 activists followed the children dancing and singing: "When the kids are united they will never be defeated," much to the dismay of the "anarchists" controlling the gate who had not been asked for their permission for this impromptu event to take place.
The next day Peace Not War and Revolutionation organised a children's disco which the Dissent! Network also strongly disapproved of, but were unable to put a stop to.

Angel and Sunshine also led the Children's Revolution march on the day of mass direct action at the Heathrow Camp for Climate Action in August 2007 with their now familiar banner “The Kids Are Revolting!”
They were invited to the climate camp by the Networking Group who said they were happy for them and their friends in the Horse-drawn Camp to help provide protection for the planned children's march.

Angel's song "For the Children" asks:
"What have we done to our Earth?
"Where is the love for our Children?"
One simple answer could be that as a matter of extreme urgency we should all be declaring a State of Emergency on the Earth and doing everything necessary to try to stop global warming and World War Three, to try to save the human race from being driven to extinction and to ensure the survival of future generations.

Groups and organisations that are being invited to help organise this year's Children's Revolution peace events at the site of the third runway near the threatened Heathrow villages include:
The No Third Runway Action Group, the Student Climate Project, the Green Quakers, Rinky Dink, the Horse-drawn Camp, the Camp for Climate Action, the Carbon Town Cryer, Peace Not War, the Creative Forum, the Rhythms of Resistance, the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, Indymedia UK, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, People and Planet, Revolutionation, Hacan Clear Skies, the National Trust, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the Woodland Trust, the Centre for Alternative Technology, Rising Tide, the Women's Institute, the Soil Association, English Heritage, the Wombles, Plane Stupid, and Earth First!"

We are also looking for school teachers and child care professionals and speakers capable of organising workshops for the children, and everyone else who is qualified to provide help with these projects, to come along and get involved.
The Metropolitan Police have been invited to handle all the security arrangements, and the news media have been invited to film and photograph and conduct interviews without any restrictions on where they go or what they do, or who they choose to speak with.

It is intended that the public should be made gradually aware that they are also very welcome to attend.
We are asking everyone who reads this to please pass our invitation along to everyone else who needs to know, or who might be interested in getting involved with what will essentially be a completely interactive experience designed to give the children and the teenagers and the students the chance to make their voices heard for a change.

As well as encouraging the young people to hold their own summit meeting and peace conference it is also intended that peace and environmental campaigners should discuss with the local people in Sipson, Harmondsworth, and Harlington, the ideas for helping them transform their villages into a giant futuristic high tech eco-village.
We have proposed that this small region that is being threatened with destruction by a third runway at Heathrow Airport could reduce their own carbon emissions to zero by stopping burning fossil fuels and by using renewable energies like solar power and wind turbines.

The local people could also plant huge numbers of trees and use permaculture in all their homes and businesses to help regenerate their local environment and improve the quality of the local air and water.
They could also breed endangered species to help bring back the wildlife that are all dying out everywhere on the Earth in what scientists refer to as the sixth mass extinction in history.

We have also suggested that the Heathrow villages could declare their independence from the central government in Westminster, and take control of their own local affairs themselves, with an alternative political and economic system of localisation, environmentalism, and environmental economics.
We also hope to be able to help organise a local community centre for the world's first Earth Fair Consumer Revolt where everyone will share their unwanted second hand goods with each other, making use of what we already have rather than to continue supporting the big corporations by buying new goods in the high street shops and stores.

Other local actions could include the local residents operating their own local People's Bank with a local currency, and organising local farms to produce their own food locally to make the area completely self-sufficient in all its needs.
These projects are intended to be an experiment that could set an example to every other local area in the world, of the way to regenerate their own local environments and protect themselves from the catastrophic effects of global warming.

The original notice about the proposals for a youth summit meeting and a peace conference and free festivals for the local children was posted on Indymedia UK under the title "Children's Revolution and New Youth Movement Could Save Humanity from Extinction," on 28 February 2008.
This story was written in response to a request from the Camp for Climate Action process group for the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign's proposals to be read out at the national meeting of the climate camp in Nottingham.
According to the minutes the meeting did consider our ideas, but decided to "take no further action" on them, whatever they meant by that.

The minutes suggested that Earth Aid was "also known as" Rinky Dink, possibly because our submission mentioned the fact that Rinky Dink had led the kids' bloc march at Heathrow, and we were proposing that Rinky Dink should be invited to help organise the proposed youth summit, peace conference, and children's festival.
The fact is that the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign and Rinky Dink are not the same group.
Rinky Dink is the bicycle powered sound system that entertains the children at protests and marches and festivals and demonstrations, and Earth Aid provides a free environmental help and advice consultancy service to anyone that might need it, and we also assist the Eco Warriors with legal observing, video filming, police liaison, and court cases.

We are also working on preparing court cases against the UK and the US governments, and the oil companies and the banks and the transnational corporations, holding them all legally responsible and accountable for causing global warming and climate change.
Our report about this, which contains the bulk of the evidence against the defendants, is entitled "Can You Save the Human Race?" and it will be in the hands of our lawyers very soon, and also available free on the Internet to everyone who wants to read it.
The court cases will be heard in three jurisdictions - Britain, America, and Europe - and we hope to obtain legal judgements that will help to close down all the corrupt governments and corporations, and which will also pave the way for a new global political and economic system of localisation and environmentalism and environmental economics which is the only logical alternative to the destructive capitalist system.

We proposed that this year's Camp for Climate Action should be held at Heathrow again, but this idea was not accepted by the national meeting of the climate camp either.
However our invitation for the climate campers to get involved with the Children's Revolution events and the emerging youth Movement still stands, regardless of what the camp hierarchy decides, because individual groups can make their own decisions and join in with us if they want to.

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign had hoped to help start a programme of free environmental festivals in the threatened Heathrow villages earlier this summer, but our search for a long-term site for our projects has so far been unsuccessful, and it was not possible to proceed any sooner with these ideas.
It is expected that the youth summit meeting and peace conference and children's peace festival will be relatively small events mainly for the local people and their children, but we will probably be needing more marquees, tents, kitchens, and toilets etc, especially if the festival grows bigger over the week or two that it is planned to take place.

We would like participants to display banners that reflect the basic message about the need for world peace and for solutions to the global environmental crisis, and for the idea of supporting the Children of the World in an attempt to ensure the survival of future generations by preventing the extinction of the human race.
There ought to be huge banners near the entrance to the site reading: "YOUTH SUMMIT MEETING," "TEENAGE PEACE CONFERENCE," "CHILDREN'S PEACE FESTIVAL," and "CAN YOU SAVE THE HUMAN RACE?"

The choice of the threatened Heathrow villages for the Children's Revolution youth summit and peace conference this summer is based on the belief that this is the most appropriate location to use to try to discover and implement important new breakthroughs in the fight against global warming, which includes action to try to stop all the wars and the violence everywhere on the Earth.
It could be possible to save the villages of Sipson, Harmondsworth, and Harlington from being destroyed by Heathrow's third runway by helping the local people transform their local area into the eco-village of the future.
The example that would be set to the rest of the world might trigger off a World Revolution to save every small local area all over the planet from the catastrophic consequences of global warming.

At Stirling the world's first kids' bloc Children's Revolution succeeded in blockading the road leading directly to the Gleneagles summit meeting, and the kids' blockade actually stopped the Canadian delegates from attending the conference.
This time it is proposed that the Children's Revolution should be a bit more ambitious by attempting to unite and join forces with huge numbers of other peace and environmental campaigners all over the Earth.

As well as asking young people for their own ideas it should also be possible to discuss the overthrow of corrupt governments, and the closing down of the banks and the oil companies and all the rest of the criminal transnational corporations and organisations to try to stop global warming and World War Three.
We are still proposing to hold a Children's Revolution march to Parliament to arrest the British government for war crimes and for working for the huge corporations to destroy the global environment, and we are hoping to mobilise millions of people to join in to help bring the government down.

The only realistic answer to the global environmental crisis and the looming World Depression is to have a World Revolution to introduce an entirely new political and economic system which would be owned and operated by the working people themselves.
As John Lennon sang: "A working class hero is something to be".
He also sang: "Come together, join the Movement, take a stand for human rights," and now is the right time for the ordinary working people all over the planet to unite and join forces to work to build a new world together at last.

Because we believe that the children should be consulted about matters that concern them, the proposed youth summit and peace conference and children's festival will only go ahead if the kids decide that they want it to, and the Children of the Eco Warriors will no doubt be asked what they themselves would like to do towards the end of July 2008.
Maybe their parents will be consulting with them sooner than that, and let's hope that the children will decide to continue to resist the Invasion of the Climate Snatchers, but preferably not by leading another Camp for Climate Action protest march into another pointless violent confrontation with the riot police.

This time we are proposing that all the Children of the Eco Warriors and all the children of the local residents in Sipson, Harmondsworth, and Harlington should be asked what they would like to do themselves, and be given the choice to hold their own peace conference at a summit meeting of all the youth, including other children and teenagers and university students.
The idea of holding a children's peace festival in conjunction with the summit meeting is intended to be for providing light entertainment for everyone involved, including parents and friends and members of the public who might like to be chilling out in-between doing the more serious stuff.

There is no good reason why the police and the journalists should not be welcome to join in as well.
After all we are not trying to hide anything, and the fact is that the future of the human race itself could very well depend on the decisions that the children make on the site of the third runway at Heathrow this summer.
Since we are trying to bring everyone together it would be absurd to expect the journalists to have to wait outside the site and beg for scraps of information, or to treat the police as our enemies to be abused and have fights with.
Instead the journalists and the police will be invited to join in with the co-operative spirit of these events and to actually help organise them, with a view to successfully finding the way forward to saving the human race from extinction to ensure the survival of future generations.

We do not believe that the children themselves have been consulted about whether they want to go on the Camp for Climate Action march to Kingsnorth power station in Kent, where they would have to face the riot police once again, whether they want to or not.
At the first climate camp protest against the Drax power station near Leeds in north Yorkshire in 2006, the Children of the Eco Warriors led the march with their banner "The Kids Are Revolting!" and they were harassed and attacked by the police, and this was broadcast live on television.
It was quite clear that the kids had been encouraged to lead the march by the organisers of the climate camp, but nobody had bothered to liaise with the police in advance to ensure the safety of the children.

Angel and Sunshine did not go to the Drax climate camp because they believed that it would be dangerous for the children, and they were quite right about this.
However they did go to the Heathrow Camp for Climate Action and they persuaded some of their friends to go as well, after initially refusing to get involved with it for the same reason that they thought there would be violence with the police, and it would not be safe for the kids to be there.
Although the climate camp Networking Group insisted that they did know what they were doing, we were not convinced that they were capable of making proper arrangements with the police to prevent a repeat of the attacks on the children that had happened at the Drax protest.

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign liaised with the Metropolitan police for the planned kids' bloc Children's Revolution march at the Heathrow climate camp to make sure that the children would not be in any danger again.
We even went to the trouble of trying to arrange to have a BBC camera crew embedded with the kids' bloc march on the day of mass direct action to give the children additional protection.

However at the very last minute it ended up becoming another hair-raising experience for us when the climate camp media group refused permission for Rinky Dink to discuss providing protection for the children with the BBC crime correspondent Ben Ando.
Mr Ando was waiting outside the site and he phoned and said that he would like to speak with us, but the media group told Rinky Dink that Mr Ando was "not allowed" to visit us on the site of the climate camp, but that we would be permitted to leave the site to go out to see him if we wanted to.

Some of us did not want to risk being stopped and searched by the police and possibly being assaulted and arrested as well, which was the sort of thing that was happening to some of the activists at the time.
We had personal possessions on the site and we were looking after young children, and we knew from past experience that when you are under siege from the police you are very likely to get attacked and dragged away by snatch squads if you make the mistake of getting too close to them.

This sort of thing is well understood by ordinary working people like us who are used to being kicked around by the police at demonstrations and on protest sites, but the middle class media group who sneeringly told us to go off site if we wanted to talk to the BBC would have had no comprehension of the dilemma they were putting us in.
"You can talk to Mr Ando outside the site if you want to see him," sounded suspiciously like: "Do what you are told, you are not allowed to make your own decisions," or even: "Let the children eat cake if they haven't got any bread".

We were left wondering if we would get punished with detention if we dared to disobey the commands of the climate camp media group and the "activist journalist" who was working with them and reinforcing their orders for them.
In the event we didn't risk leaving the site to talk to Mr Ando, and when the kids' march left the site the next day we had made no arrangements with the BBC to provide the children with the protection of an embedded television camera crew.

Instead we had to rely entirely on the word of the senior police officers which they had given previously, that they would not allow any attacks by the police on the children again, in the same way that some of the Yorkshire police had done at the Drax protest.
Some of the mothers from the kids' bloc tent did take cups of tea to Mr Ando and his BBC camera crew in the car park opposite the climate camp site on the morning prior to the mass action and the kids' march.
Unfortunately by this time it was far too late to arrange with the BBC management for the embedding of a camera crew for the children's march.
We had run out of time and they had run out of spare camera crews.

It seems to be a dangerous contradiction for the climate campers to expect the mothers to take their babies and young children into what will essentially be something very much like a war zone, especially when they objected to our plans to organise protection with BBC television because they said they didn't trust the news media.
The climate camp media group seemed to think we were just looking for publicity, and they treated Rinky Dink with the same kind of contempt that the middle class traditionally has for the working class.
Our own arrangements were actually none of their business, and it was in fact a mistake for Rinky Dink to show the camp media group any respect, and to ask for their permission to talk to Ben Ando from the BBC.

At Stirling a well known musician with Revolutionation said that the Children of the Eco Warriors were being used as human shields and that this was wrong, and he refused to come with us to the kids' blockade even though he had originally agreed to support it, along with a number of the other peace and environmental groups who were there.
Angel believed that the children had made their own decision to hold their own blockade because that is what they told her when they asked us for assistance to help make it happen, and there was no reason to believe that anyone else had told them to do it, or that they were being used or manipulated by anyone.

The children asked the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army to come with them, but the clowns refused on the grounds that they did not want to attract the police to a children's picnic, but the kids replied that it wasn't going to be just a picnic because it was intended to be a full-on blockade.
In the end the clowns meeting finally decided that any clowns who wanted to go with the Children of the Eco Warriors could make their own individual decisions about whether to go or not, and the Rhythms of Resistance came to the same decision as well.

The road protesters of the 1990s were the parents of the children involved, and they and their friends all agreed to let the kids' bloc hold their own blockade of the Gleneagles summit, and to come with them to lend their support and to protect their own children.
On the morning of the planned blockades the police were blocking the entrance to the Stirling eco-village to prevent anyone from leaving.
The Scottish police initially refused to allow the kids' convoy to leave Stirling, but in the end they offered to let them go on condition that they left the site in the opposite direction to the Gleneagles summit meeting, and that they had a police escort of several police cars and vans leading them as well.

This was agreed to by the Eco Warriors, but at the very first major roundabout the Make Poverty History double decker bus turned around and led the convoy back the way they had come and left the police escort behind, and we all ended up on a slip road over the motorway just half a mile away from the Gleneagles hotel.
The kids held their picnic right in front of the rows of riot police blocking the road, and the Clandestine Clowns and the Rhythms of Resistance danced and sang, and as a result the Canadian delegates were unable to get through to the G8 summit meeting.

All the television companies including the BBC, ITN, Sky News and the North American Associated Press TV had offered to fly in helicopter camera crews to film the children's blockade to provide protection for the children because some of us were concerned for their safety.
This was not intended to be a publicity stunt, but if anything it was more like a panic-stricken reaction to the unexpected behavior of the children who had been brought up to resist "authority" and to think for themselves and to make their own decisions.
In the event they had decided themselves that they wanted to blockade George Bush and Tony Blair at the G8 summit, and their parents and friends agreed to let them do it.

When the bombs went off in London most of the journalists left Scotland to cover the story of the terrorist attacks, and we were left to fend for ourselves in front of the massed ranks of riot police guarding the American president and the British prime minister.
The BBC and ITN both phoned us at the kids' blockade to apologise for not being able to film the first Children's Revolution, but they asked to be kept informed when similar events were going to be held in the future, and they said they would be there for us whenever we needed them again.
The television presenters said they really appreciated the fact that they had been asked to provide protection for the children, and they also said they believed the event was extremely newsworthy in its own right.

This year we do realise that any action that is taken with the children will be extremely controversial once again.
However, we have made our own decision about this and the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign says no, this time we will not blindly lend our support to those people who want to lead the kids into confrontations with the police, especially when this decision does not appear to have been made by the children themselves.
Apparently there are quite a lot of other environmental campaigners who agree with us about this.

According to the principles of the system of participatory democracy used by the Camp for Climate Action, everyone should be consulted about what they want to do, and by this criteria the children are entitled to be consulted, and any decisions made should be unanimous to be considered legally and morally valid.
In any event a lot of the children are far too young to be able to be able to understand what they are being asked to participate in, and nor can they be expected to appreciate the risks they are being expected to take on behalf of the people organising the climate camp.

It seems as if the Children's Revolution that started off as a very personal project of the Children of the Eco Warriors has been turned into a regimented organised march controlled by the climate camp hierarchy since the first events at Stirling in Scotland.
The climate camp groups who claim to exercise power over the rest of us do not bother to take proper responsibility for what they seem to be trying to force the kids into doing, and they don't even consult with them about it first.

Institutionalising the kids' activities is an entirely different matter from the kids making their own decisions and taking their own actions of their own free will, which is what they did at Stirling.
It is a colossal cheek for the Camp for Climate Action to invite experienced environmental protesters to bring their children to the climate camps and then to dictate to them what they have to do, and also to issue orders about what they are not allowed to do.
These people are bullies and their behaviour is draconian, which is precisely what Rinky Dink told the climate camp media group to their faces at the Heathrow camp in August 2007.

It might have been called the "Camp for Climate Action," but the fact is that it was held on a squatted field and we were all squatting there together.
Nobody had any right to order other people and their children around as if they were regarded as being the inferiors of the pompous middle class hierarchy who claimed the right to try to dictate to and dominate, everyone else.
This is what was happening at Stirling where the very same people were doing exactly the same kind of things, and people were being spied on and followed around during the night, and threats were being made, and some of the Eco Warriors got violently attacked by the "anarchists" at the gate, and a child's tent got slashed to ribbons with a knife.

Angel did not want to go to the Camp for Climate Action at Heathrow because she said it would be dangerous for the children once again, but the climate camp Networking Group assured us that the camp would be "child friendly," so the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign did police liaison on behalf of the Children's Revolution group just to be sure.
In the end Angel changed her mind at the very last minute, and she did come to the Heathrow camp and she and her friends from the Horse-drawn camp helped lead the march with the Children of the Eco Warriors, and the children and teenagers from the villages of Sipson, Harmondsworth, and Harlington.
Angel also helped Rinky Dink with police liaison during the march, and she very professionally faced down all the television presenters who accused her of leading the children into danger.

The children who painted and carried "The Kids Are Revolting!" banner at the front of the kids' march were born and raised on environmental protest sites towards the end of the 1990's road protests.
The BBC's Ben Ando interviewed Angel briefly at the beginning of the march, but he seemed to have lost interest in being involved with providing the children with full-on television protection, and he appeared to be indifferent and hostile, possibly because we had been unable to invite him to see us on the site, which is what he had asked us to do.
Angel was challenged by Channel Four at the BAA car park siege and asked on camera whether she really believed that it was safe to bring the children to the "front lines" of the protest, and she replied that the police were there to protect them, which absurd though it might seem, was actually true.

The fact is that the Chief Superintendent in charge of "facilitating" the march told us that the police would look after the children and that they would be safe, and it was actually his own suggestion that we should all march to the BAA blockade to visit our friends in the car park opposite Heathrow Airport.
And this was in spite of serious reservations from Angel and some of the other mothers who were concerned about the risks that might be involved in confronting the riot police with their children.
The police superintendent kept his word to us, and all the police appeared to be under strict orders not to bother the kids in any way at all, and that included the hundreds of riot police who were obviously spoiling for a fight at the BAA car park when we finally got there.

Even though the police did arrest some of the children's fathers for obstruction and assault and other trumped up offences, the Chief Superintendent ordered that most of their prisoners should be released back to us as quickly as possible, without any charges being laid against them.
The entire march was videoed by our legal observers and the footage will be available free on the Internet as soon as it is edited, if anyone has any doubts about some of these details.

The only violence we witnessed and filmed was when the riot police attacked the climate campers squatting the BAA car park, and when the police dragged away some of the activists sitting down and linking arms at the entrance.
Our footage shows that none of the police harassed or attacked the mothers or any of the children on the march, nor did they even approach any of them.
Obviously we did not film every single detail of what occurred, but the fact is that nobody in the Children's Revolution group experienced any serious problems with the police.

This year we have not done any police liaison at all for the kids' bloc at the Camp for Climate Action at Kingsnorth power station, nor have we made any effort to contact the news media to ask them to help protect the children.
The reason for this is because we have had serious reservations about continuing to be involved with what looks like a political organisation of so-called "anarchists" that makes so many rules nobody can understand what they are all about, and which dictates policy to everyone else in a way that verges on fascism.
In any event marching a lot of very young children 50 miles in the heat of the summer to Kingsnorth in Kent seems like madness, and to involve them in a protest with the police at the end of it doesn't make any sense either.

When the national meeting of the climate camp decided to hold the 2008 camp at Kingsnorth we posted the story about their decision on Indymedia UK, purely because nobody else had bothered to do so.
We also sent an email to the camp Networking Group entitled "Hippies in the Front," which included all the office phone numbers of our friends in the various fluffy peace and environmental campaign groups so they could be contacted once again.
Our suggestion was that Rinky Dink should lead the march with the Children of the Eco warriors, and we proposed that Peace Not War, People and Planet, the Clown Army, the Rhythms of Resistance, and the Horse-drawn camp should all be consulted and invited to help organise a very peaceful march from Heathrow to the Kingsnorth power station.

The logic of this was to try to ensure that the police would once again treat the march as a peaceful demonstration with the children, and not get violent with them in the way some of them did at the Drax protest.
There was no reply from the climate camp Networking Group so we gave up on it completely, believing as we did that their complete lack of interest indicated further contempt for the safety of the children, which they had already clearly demonstrated by their atrocious behaviour at the Drax and Heathrow climate camps.
It also finally dawned on us that we had actually been unwittingly drawn into helping with something that was no longer under the control of the Children of the Eco Warriors, and that our efforts at consultation were being ignored, and that the children were not being treated with any respect by the Camp for Climate Action.

On 29 June 2008 the Freedom Network phoned us and asked what was being planned for the climate camp this year and we told them that we had no idea, apart from the fact that we would still like to hold the youth summit meeting and peace conference and children's festival in the threatened villages near Heathrow Airport.
We explained that this project would have to be independent from the climate camp because the groups involved with organising it were not interested in any of our proposals.
The Freedom Network offered to help sort it all out and to work with us to promote the idea of a national summit meeting of young people and a peace conference and a children's festival which they referred to as a

So on the strength of this unexpected last minute support, this year all we are saying is let's do it properly for a change, and let's do it for the children rather than for the inflated egos of a minority of pompous part-time middle class activists who obviously don't know what they are doing.
We do hope that Rinky Dink will come back to the Heathrow villages again in spite of the screaming argument they unfortunately had with the climate camp media group last year.
A well known newspaper journalist who claimed he was at the camp as an "activist" was present during this disagreement with the climate campers about providing television protection for the kids' march, but he made no effort to help in any way at all, apart from telling us to "keep it down" when we objected loudly to being subjected to obscene abuse from the dictatorial media group.

We also hope that Angel will come back to Sipson village near Heathrow Airport again as well, in spite of her having been accused on national television of deliberately leading the children into danger at the last climate camp, which was not the case since she had only come to help.
In fact Angel had originally been very opposed in principle to the way the kids' bloc activities had been hijacked, and to the way the march was being organised by the climate camp hierarchy without them taking any responsibility themselves for providing proper protection for the kids.
If anyone was responsible for putting the children's safety at risk it was the climate camp media group who claimed to have the authority to order around the parents and the entertainers, part of whose job it was to do everything they could do to protect the children in their care.

Angel wrote her song entitled "For the Children" specifically for a youth peace conference which we have been promising for years to help organise, but it hasn't happened yet, and the way things are going we'll probably all be crucified long before it does actually eventuate.
"What have we done to our Earth? Where is the love for our children?" Angel asks in her song, and she still hasn't received any answers to these questions that make any sense.
Certainly the Camp for Climate Action media group didn't seem to care if the kids lived or died as long as they continued to keep hold of the power to control everything that went on at the camp, and the activities of everyone who was there.

However in spite of all these problems we still believe that the Camp for Climate Action should logically be held at Heathrow again this year because it would show genuine solidarity with the local residents, and it would be more than just a publicity stunt for the part-time activists, the sort of thing which the Eco Warriors of the 1990's have always been opposed to.
If the climate campers do go ahead with their planned camp at Kingsnorth power station maybe they could then return to Heathrow and join in with the ongoing children's peace festival which could possibly carry on until the end of the summer, especially when you consider that the extreme heatwaves that have been predicted are likely to be causing thousands of people to be dying like flies in the streets.

Relaxing at a free festival in the countryside has surely got to be a far more sensible option than behaving like mad dogs and Englishmen in a long march through central London and then out to Kingsnorth in Kent.
Marching in the heat would probably be extremely dangerous for the health of babies and little children, and it would be wrong not to point this out to the idiots who appear to be planning to frogmarch them for 50 miles to Kingsnorth, all in a good cause of course, pip pip tally ho, jolly good show, what a hoot!
What they don't seem to realise is that the banner "The Kids Are Revolting!" was never intended to be a joke, and it is beginning to look as if the kids might be revolting against the climate campers at last, so the joke is now on the bad guys, and not before time either.

Some of the groups involved with the climate camp have already expressed an interest in our proposals to work with the local people near Heathrow Airport to help transform their villages into a futuristic high tech eco-village to set an example to the rest of the world of the way forward to solving the global environmental crisis.
We ourselves plan to move into the area as soon as possible to help provide positive solutions to the problems being caused by the burning of fossil fuels which are causing dangerous greenhouse gas pollution and driving the human race to extinction, according to the thousands of United Nations' climate scientists.

In the unlikely event of a site being offered to us in or near the Heathrow villages by the local residents, we would obviously gratefully accept and move in and just get on with what needs to be done there.
However since this is probably just pie in the sky, some of our friends with the sound systems have offered to hold benefit gigs to raise the money to buy us all a small farm in the area to use as a base of operations for these projects.
We intend to grow food free of charge for the local people to demonstrate what will have to be done everywhere very soon if everyone on the Earth is going to be able survive for much longer.

In the meantime to all those eco-friendly mothers out there who would like to do something very positive this summer, we say come to the Heathrow villages at the end of July 2008 and bring your children and get involved with the youth summit meeting and the peace conference and the children's free festival.
By sheer coincidence it is being proposed that these Children's Revolution events should be held at the same time as the Camp for Climate Action has been planned for the protest at the Kingsnorth power station.
The site of the planned third runway for Heathrow Airport could potentially act as a base for the climate campers to return to if they want to do so after their Day of Mass Action, if they survive it, which of course is entirely possible.

But the way they organise their blockades and do what they laughingly call "police liaison" would suggest they could all get their heads kicked in by the police, especially if they don't have the Children of the Eco Warriors there to protect them again this year.
When the middle classes don't treat the working class with respect they often find that they haven't got any workers left to kick around and do their dirty work for them.
The fact is that the Camp for Climate Action has become suspiciously like George Orwell's Animal Farm with the big fat pigs bullying and controlling the sheep-like hippies, but hopefully the worms are about to turn at last...

In spite of the fact that we do not see eye to eye with a lot of the wannabe eco-dictators from the climate camp about anything much worth mentioning, we have still not given up entirely on being willing to help them in their efforts to become real Eco Warriors, if that is what their agenda actually is.
However it does have to be said that it rather looks as if some of the middle class climate campers have been taking the working class hippies for granted and just expecting that their children would continue to provide them with cover for their confrontational blockades with the police, without any genuine democratic decision-making or consultation involving the kids themselves.

The fact is that some of us don't want to be involved with unwittingly helping these morons use other peoples' children as cannon fodder anymore, and Revolutionation's original accusation that the kids were being used as human shields began to look a little bit too close to the truth at the Heathrow climate camp.
Apart from the initial suspicion that we were all being marched off to the gas chambers by the police, the only thing missing on the kids' march was someone barking out orders and shouting "left right, left right, left right, left..."
It is typical middle class behaviour to gratuitously assume the right to try to control other people, and that is one of the most important atrocities that the Environmental Movement has always been campaigning against.

It seems fair to ask the question why should the Children of the Eco Warriors be obliged to protest about what the Camp for Climate Action organisers decide they are opposed to, especially when the kids haven't even been consulted?
The climate campers seem to be in favour of nothing at all and against just about everything, including the police and the media journalists that they invited to come to the camp at Heathrow, apparently so they could be abused by them.
Instead we ourselves would prefer that the kids' bloc should not be forced into doing something that they have not decided themselves that they want to do, or even been consulted about.
Wouldn't it be better for the children who come to the climate camps to be able to continue to demonstrate about what they are actually in favour of doing themselves?

That is exactly what happened at Stirling when the Children of the Eco warriors decided to hold their own blockade, and since then the part-time climate camp activists seem to have tried to jump on board the kids' bloc Children's Revolution bandwagon, and hijack it for their own sinister purposes.
Questions have been asked about who might really be behind this apparent manipulation of the kids, and the way they seem to have been paraded before the world's television cameras at Heathrow in much the same way that the Nazis used the Hitler Youth movement before the Second World War.

During the kids' march at Heathrow the very same newspaper journalist who was present at the argument between Rinky Dink and the camp media group about providing BBC protection for the kids, went up to the police and announced that he was "doing police liaison" for our group.
However none of the rest of us had been consulted about this nor were we aware that anyone had asked a journalist to represent the mothers and their children, or that any other arrangements had been made with the police on our behalf behind our backs.
It is reasonable to ask what the Hell is going on with these people, and whose bandwagon or political agenda is being secretly promoted by some of the pompous parasites from the Camp for Climate Action hierarchy?

This sort of thing not only looks sinister and opportunistic, but it is also extremely disturbing for anyone who really believes in the principles of freedom and democracy and human rights and social justice, and it should not be allowed to go on any longer.
The Children of the Eco Warriors, many of whom were born and raised on protest sites, should not only be in control of their own actions and their own destiny, but they should also be seen to be making their own decisions without being used as pawns in a very nasty game, or subjected to having other peoples' secret political agendas inflicted upon them without their knowledge or consent.

Often if you try to speak at the meetings of the Camp for Climate Action you are either ignored or told to shut up.
Maybe if you are not a member of some secretive "anarchist" political party that is so exclusive that nobody except the middle class elite knows what it is, or what it really stands for or who is in control of it, your voice is not allowed to be heard.
As someone said at one of the climate camp meetings: "Beware of the tyranny of the committed," and this warning could apply equally to the fanatics who would use children to further their own political agendas, as to the George Bushs and the Tony Blairs of this world who don't care if millions of children die in their desperate pursuit of oil and money and power.

We are living in a time that is very similar to the days of the nuclear paranoia during the so-called Cold War of the 1950's when just about everyone in the world expected to die at any moment in a nuclear Holocaust, caused by what the Americans referred to as "Mutually Assured Destruction".
This actually meant that the Yanks and the Russians were playing a very nasty game of chicken with each other and could wipe out both of their countries and annihilate all their people at any time with their Weapons of Mass Destruction.
These days the violent bloodthirsty agenda of our governments and the transnational corporations is leading to more wars and quite possibly to a World War Three nuclear Holocaust which could wipe out all of humanity even before global warming has had the chance to do so.

The nightmare scenario of the scientists of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in the 1990's was of local wars over oil and food and water and land, which they predicted could end with a global nuclear war that would probably kill everybody on the planet.
This prediction possibly had all the arms dealers rubbing their hands with glee in anticipation of all the money they could make from such a tremendous boom in their businesses.
Unfortunately the biggest arms dealers in the world are the governments of Britain, America, France, Russia, and China - all of whom are members of the United Nations' "Security" Council - and the risk of them destroying the whole of humanity looks very high indeed now.

In the interests of the national security of the United States the American government is fighting their so-called "War on Terror," and they are locking down their borders in preparation for fighting off the billions of environmental refugees that they expect to be fleeing to higher ground when the worldwide flooding begins and three billion people face being killed as a result.
That is the frightening Ecological Cataclysm that the United Nations' scientists now say appears to be inevitable, no matter what anyone does to try to cut their own carbon emissions by riding bicycles, changing their light bulbs, recycling their household rubbish, switching off their TV sets, or stopping using plastic bags from the supermarkets.

However we seem to be facing some far starker choices than these simple ones that our government is offering us.
Either we risk getting poisoned by the dangerous chemicals in the food and water, starved to death by the global food shortages, exterminated by a bird flu pandemic, choked to death by the filthy fossil fuel pollution in the air, suffocated in the heatwaves caused by the ever-rising global temperatures, drowned by worldwide flooding caused by the rising sea levels, frozen to death in a new Ice Age when the Gulf Stream stops completely, or killed in the wars over oil, food, water, and land that the United Nations' scientists have predicted will be coming soon, if they are not here already.
World War Three looks as if it is going to be coming along as the Grand Finale to all of these disasters, and it might very well be welcomed as a relief by many people when it finally does come at last.

In the meantime there is also the very real danger that we could be stabbed to death on the streets by the children and the teenagers in the gangs that appear to have some kind of a grievance against society in general, about which everyone in the government and big business and the news media claims is all a complete mystery to them.
Anyone would think that the kids in the gangs are either acting out the violence and horror they see all the time on their television sets, or else they are living as if they think they are in Afghanistan or Iraq where the killing of the local people by teenage soldiers from Britain and America is accepted as just part of their way of life, and these terrible things happen every day.

The reality that few people seem to realise, is that the British and American governments train teenagers to shoot to kill and to stab people to death, and they pay these young people to kill the Iraqis who don't seem to want them occupying their country.
The British army recruits children and teenagers to join them in fighting and killing people in other countries, and they run advertisements in newspapers and on television glorifying war and the benefits that it brings to those involved.
This is hardly a good example to be setting to the other teenagers back home in Britain and America who possibly see the child soldiers as role models, especially since they have well paid officially sanctioned jobs killing people.

Peace and environmental campaigners face getting their eyes gouged out or even being kicked to death by the police when they protest against the criminal activities of the governments and the corporations, which we believe are the root cause of all this horror and violence occurring all over the world all the time now.
In the end when all the evidence about the war crimes in the Middle East and the corrupt and criminal collusion between the governments and the oil companies and the banks and the rest of the transnational corporations has finally been revealed, maybe the police will arrest the British government for us and help kick-start the World Revolution to save the human race from extinction.

The Camp for Climate Action invited the world's news media to the Heathrow climate camp in August 2007, and then they screamed abuse at the journalists who showed up and told them all to "fuck off".
Maybe they did have a point at the time, even if it wasn't made very diplomatically.
In fact the way the journalists were treated was downright nasty, but then so was the way that the Evening Standard and the Daily Mail newspapers managed to convince the rest of the news media that the environmental campaigners were planning terrorist-style attacks on Heathrow Airport.

The "Anarchists Plan to Plant Hoax Bombs to Paralyse Heathrow Airport" story was completely untrue, but it was repeated throughout the news media probably because journalists tend to trust each other and they work to very tight deadlines.
They don't always have time to check all the "facts" that other newspapers publish and which they all tend to repeat, especially if it looks like a good story.

But the fact is that the climate camp media group should have engaged in a dialogue with the journalists and used the Evening Standard's lies as a springboard from which to tell their own story in their own way.
Instead the media group abused all the journalists with insults and obscene language and accusations which were not even directed at the guilty parties, but which were just fired off at any working journalists who happened to come to the gate looking for information to publish or broadcast.

About a hundred years ago the legendary American newspaper magnate William Randolf Hearst was quoted as saying: "We don't report the news, we write it".
The Australian media tycoon Rupert Murdoch when he bought the Times newspaper and published a photograph of a naked lady on the front page said: "It's all show business".
The problem is that the show the media is presenting the public with is gross and obscene and depressing and sinister, and it promotes the agenda of big business and the politicians that the huge transnational corporations employ to do their dirty work for them.

The narrative being told by the newspapers and the television is so close to the story in the Revelation of Saint John the Divine in the Bible that it looks as if the Apocalypse is about to kick off at any moment, and it makes you wonder if the Texas evangelical Christian fundamentalists might possibly have something to do with this madcap scenario.
These days Mr Murdoch's Sun newspaper publishes photographs of naked teenagers on page three, and the rest of the "news" in his soft porn rags is mostly all about how the human race is committing suicide by fighting wars and burning fossil fuels.

George Bush's so-called "War on Terror" is promoted using fear as a weapon of mass deception, and prominently displayed in the news and advertising columns is the message that the politicians and the business people will be happy to sell us all overrated and overpriced "solutions" to all these problems as long as we carry on "shopping for freedom".
Children are being used as sex objects in newspaper and television advertising and they are also being increasingly sexualised at a very early age in Hollywood films and television shows.

The most popular BBC soap opera is called "EastEnders," and it is vile mindless rubbish which shows typical English people as being violent foul-mouthed morons, criminals, bullies, alcoholics, drug addicts, and incestuous sex-obsessed perverts with no sense of decency or moral standards.
Many millions of people tune into this "entertainment" that has been running continuously for many years, and the characters are elevated and portrayed as heroes by the newspapers, and they are hero worshipped by many members of the public, including impressionable young children and teenagers.

These are the depraved and revolting role models that the BBC glorifies to the children and young people who view this disgusting semi-pornographic filth in the early evenings, and no doubt the actors and actresses in this obscene soap opera would admit that they are doing it just for the money they get paid.
The most tragic thing of all about the BBC is that its news presenters ask straight-faced in their news broadcasts why are the kids behaving like the characters in "EastEnders" and fighting and killing each other for no apparent reason?

The BBC along with the rest of the news media obviously doesn't want to admit their own culpability for the increasingly desperate state of the nation's youth, while at the same time they make their money by holding up a mirror to the children of the apparent benefits of living in a society riddled with crime and drugs and violence and sexual immorality.
However this is just the tip of a very big iceberg that the Earth is heading towards just like the Titanic.

The TV news is also full of images of wars and genocides and droughts and famines and other natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, all of which are killing huge numbers of women and children as the main victims of these atrocities and catastrophes.
Thousands of schools collapsed during the recent Chinese earthquake killing countless children and wiping out an entire generation in many towns and villages.
The thousands of United Nations' climate scientists say the human race has no future anymore and that billions of people will die in worldwide flooding by 2050, and that the extinction of humanity is looming ever closer this century.
The present generation of children will be the last generation of humans on the Earth, according to the Worldwatch Institute in Washington.

There are more than 300 million child slaves locked up in prison factories in 50 Third World countries making cheap goods for sale in Western shops and stores, including Harrods and Selfridges in London.
Virtually every army in the world uses child soldiers on the front lines of their wars, and there are millions of them all over the Earth, and they are being trained to fight and kill each other in the name of freedom and democracy.
In the Third World many of the child soldiers are extremely young, and in the West they are older teenagers.

The average age of the American soldiers in Vietnam was just 19, and today the British and American governments are very careful not to let the public know just how young most of their trained killers actually are.
It is quite likely that this kind of information is being censored in the same way that the truth about the real horrors of global warming is being suppressed by the Bush White House.

Criminal gangs are smuggling children that have been forced into prostitution across national borders into Britain, and they are using children for drug dealing and other street crimes like muggings and burglaries.
At the same time our government refuses to provide any help or support or welfare benefits or accommodation or employment opportunities for young people having problems surviving.
The Children of the World are being abused and neglected by their own governments and by the big corporations who use them to promote their public images, and to buy their rubbishy consumer products that cause so much pollution in the air and the atmosphere.

Is it any wonder that the kids in deprived areas appear to be learning how to survive from their elders and betters at the BBC and in the House of Commons, in this dog-eat-dog world in the only way they know how, and have gone feral in city gangs like packs of wild dogs killing whoever appears to be getting in their way?
The kids seem to be at war with the world and with each other, when they should logically be fighting a war against global warming and climate change, which are the greatest threats to their future survival and to the survival of their own children, should they ever be able to have any children of their own.

Maybe the kids are only too well aware that the politicians and the corporations and the news media are all largely responsible for causing the threats that they face, and they are fighting back purely so they can survive in this increasingly dangerous world which is getting even more perilous as time goes by.
The big question is what are we all supposed to be doing about all these massive global problems?
The only sensible answer would seem to be that as a first step we should be willing to help the younger generation to have a powwow amongst themselves to see what they would like to do to try to solve all these problems, including the global warming crisis that is so seriously adversely affecting everyone on the planet.

There is no good reason why the police should cause any trouble at a young people's peace conference, especially since they too are now under tremendous public pressure to find a way to stop the killings by children on the streets.
The police tend not to get violent with the public when they are being filmed continuously by television camera crews and by activist legal observers with video cameras.

All the TV companies will inevitably come to the youth summit meeting and the peace conference, and they have a moral responsibility to help to publicise and broadcast positive events like these ones.
The BBC in particular have a lot to answer for about why they portray British adults and children alike as being vicious and violent and dangerous, and why they broadcast so many killings and so much horror and blood and guts atrocity for young people to watch, day in and day out.

"EastEnders" is an abomination all on its own, and even the egotistical BBC show that promotes the racing and crashing of expensive highly polluting motor vehicles as a desirable pastime, is either just the lunacy of toffee-nosed morons at best, or it is criminally irresponsible at worst.
Either way these insults to the intelligence of the television viewers should not be shown at all, and the BBC should finally accept its own responsibility to broadcast the truth about what is really going on in the world, instead of bowing and scraping to the politicians in the government and to the rich and powerful corporate interests as well.

Given the urgency of the global environmental emergency it would make more sense for the TV companies to be broadcasting reality shows entitled "Can You Save the Human Race?" highlighting the efforts of ordinary working people desperately trying to save humanity from extinction to ensure the survival of future generations.
This is the real narrative that is being acted out behind the scenes by the peace and environmental activists, and it is largely being ignored by the news media which prefers to tell humanity's story through the eyes of their corporate advertisers and the corrupt governments that fight wars for oil and other natural resources.

We have asked the police to provide the security at the kids' bloc summit meeting, peace conference, and children's festival in spite of their terrible track record of violence and brutality towards children and teenagers, which of course has always been said to be part of the problem, causing violence by young people in return.
The fact is that the police are going to be there anyway, so they might as well do something useful for a change, and justify the public money they get paid to supposedly keep the rest of us safe from the young killers on the streets.
Ridiculous as it might seem not all the police are quite as evil as they look.
Some of them are actually human and occasionally good natured, and they can sometimes even be helpful in the community as well, and this is what we propose to be putting to the test at the Heathrow villages this summer.

We will be asking the television companies to film everything newsworthy that happens at the kids' peace conference, and the public will no doubt gradually become aware that they will be welcome to come and get involved as well when they see what is happening near Heathrow Airport on the evening news.
The children's festival will be completely free so everyone is being advised to bring what they hope to find, and to be prepared to do what they themselves think needs to be done, which essentially will mean helping everyone else with everything that will be required to keep the events running efficiently.

It should be understood that neither the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign nor the Freedom Network are proposing that we ourselves should be responsible for organising these activities, and nor are we in a position to do so anyway.
We are simply suggesting these ideas to the local residents and to their children, and to the Eco Warriors and to their children, for all of them to decide if they would like us to help to make them happen, and the final decision about whether to proceed or not will be up to them and not to us.

If anyone wants to contact the various groups mentioned in this article to let them know about these proposals they are welcome to do so by using the email addresses on the groups' websites.
The fact is that there are other organisations like Greenpeace for instance, who are actually very well equipped to handle something like these events, even at very short notice.

We have not consulted with anyone else apart from a few close friends about our own plans to continue to lend support to the Heathrow campaign, and we do not intend to contact anyone personally about any of these ideas.
We have no political agenda of our own, no axe to grind, and no desire to get into any more violent arguments about actions or policies in general for the Environmental Movement.
What we ARE concerned about is that the children of our friends from the road protests of the 1990's should no longer be taken for granted by the Camp for Climate Action.

We believe that the kids should have been consulted before they were expected to march into the teeth of police blockades at the Heathrow climate camp, and they should have been given the opportunity to make their own decisions about what they were getting involved with.
This is just common decency as most people would probably agree, and it seems fair to say that some of the organisers of the climate camp, and in particular the media group, probably don't even know what that means.

Quakers believe in acting in accordance with their consciences and in using the principles of passive resistance and civil disobedience when protesting and demonstrating, and in taking non-violent direct action when they believe it is appropriate.
What we are suggesting is that we should all be making a very serious commitment to doing something that is really worth doing, rather than continuing to engage almost entirely in part-time environmental activism and futile publicity stunts that often go horribly wrong because they have no lasting value, and they are not being done properly either.
Someone once said that evil prevails when good men fail to act, and Mahatma Gandhi said: "Be the change you want to see in the world".

So we say let the Camp for Climate Action go to Kingsnorth power station if that is what they really want to do, and let the Green Quakers liaise with the local people in the threatened Heathow villages to organise a youth summit and a peace conference for the children and the teenagers and the university students, together with a peace festival for the local children.

Let's see if we can answer Angel's question for her:
"What have we done to our Earth?
"Where is the love for our children?"
In the end only the working people will be able to save the human race from extinction, and the victimisation of working class children by the middle and upper classes in government and big business and the news media and the Camp for Climate Action has got to stop, and the sooner the better.

The climate campers should be leading the way in helping with this process, not continuing to contribute to the abuse, exploitation, degradation, and indifference to the misery of the Children of the World.
It does seem a shame that the climate campers are planning to take their workshops and leading environmental speakers like scientists and doctors and professors, all the way out to Kingsnorth to protest in private and to preach to the converted, which is essentially what they do at the climate camps.
Maybe they are being so elitist and snobby because they think that they are too important to share their experience and knowledge with the working people and the media and the general public, or maybe they're just selfish and plain stupid, or they may be paranoid about the police and the news media finding out what their real agendas actually are.

However, the rest of us who do not agree with the Camp for Climate Action hierarchy's attitude of supercilious contemptuous superiority that has been infecting the grassroots Environmental Movement for several years now, will just have to muddle along as best we can.
We hope that some of the groups involved with the climate camp will join us in working with young people and the Metropolitan Police and some of the more enlightened journalists in the news media, to try to find solutions to the greatest problems facing humanity today, and to share what we discover with everyone on the Earth before it is too late to do so.

Surely it is time for children and teenagers to have their own summit meeting and peace conference to consult together about the issues that most concern them, and to try to ensure the survival of future generations?
Sometimes environmental activists have to know when it is the right time to have the courage to take a stand and just walk away from a fight that other people want them to engage in.
We've probably got the future of the whole world in our hands right now, and an escalation in violence is not the way forward, especially when children are being used as cover for fanatical political agendas that nobody else knows anything about, nor can they even begin to comprehend them.

The Camp for Climate Action is not what it appears to be.
There seems to be a very sinister secretive hierarchy at the very top of this organisation that does not have the best interests of the children who come to the climate camps at heart.
They don't want to protest peacefully, and they don't even seem to want to get involved with positive projects or to help organise environmental protest sites.

Peaceful protest is the very last thing that is on the minds of the climate camp hierarchy.
All they seem to want to do is to make trouble and to set people up to fight each other, and they don't appear to care who gets hurt as long as they can carry on behaving like nasty little Hitlers controlling everything and everyone.
And the people who are being manipulated in this way are mostly gullible and impressionable young people.

Some environmental campaigners have speculated that maybe the climate camp is now riddled with plain clothes police and spies for the aviation industry and the power stations, and undercover journalists acting as moles and agent provocateurs trying to stir up trouble to get environmental activists arrested by inciting them to commit illegal acts.
Other rumours doing the rounds suggest that maybe socialist and communist political parties and other political organisations as well may also be using false cover names to conceal their true identities and agendas.
It has been suggested that these secret politicians could be simply using the environmental cause as a smokescreen for their real political agendas, and that some of them may well have risen up the ranks of the climate camp groups and have now achieved a certain amount of power and authority within the organisation.

The student anti-aviation group Plane Stupid recently confronted and exposed a spy in their midst, and the story was published as an Indymedia UK feature under the headline "Heathrow Protesters Uncover Spy Plot" on 9 April 2008.
The authors of the article reveal many of the secrets of the sinister people who infiltrate activist groups and organisations and try to manipulate and control them.
But whatever the truth of all this, the fact is that there is a fascist attitude and a very definite pattern of abuse within the Camp for Climate Action that is unhealthy in a free society.
We believe that it is time for everyone to wake up and smell the coffee, it's time for a change, and it's time to resist and fight back with what the freedom-loving hippies used to call "peace and love".

Britain has become one of the most vicious and violent and dangerous countries in the world, and people from other countries could be forgiven for thinking that we are all dangerous lunatics or Neanderthals with lead in our brains.
No one is safe here anymore, and we need to know why, and we need to know what we can do about it before it gets any worse.
It's all a bit like a science fiction horror movie - everything horrific you see happening in television shows and films then happens in real life on the streets of British towns and cities, and people are getting stabbed and shot and tortured to death, and there is blood and guts everywhere on virtually a daily basis now.
Could there really be Evil Aliens running the country and the transnational corporations and the news media?

Let's start the Working Class Revolution by refusing to continue to provide the middle class Camp for Climate Action with a stage army to manipulate, and let's stop helping them take the Children of the Eco Warriors to the front lines of their violent blockades.
The climate campers need to know that if any more children get attacked by the police at their Kingsnorth camp this year as happened to the kids' bloc at Drax in 2006, those responsible for putting any of the Children of the Eco Warriors in danger will be punished by private legal action against everyone concerned.

The aloof and arrogant media group were told this at the Heathrow climate camp when they interfered with our plans to provide BBC protection for the children, and we meant what we said to them then, and we still mean it now.
We are not threatening them, we are warming them.
The media group looked as if they were the centre of power at the Camp for Climate Action and they behaved as if they really did believe that they had the right to order everyone around.
Screaming obscenities at people like us can be laughed off and overlooked, but there are other things they have done to us that will not be forgotten quite so easily.

There were atrocities that occurred at the Stirling eco-village in 2005 that were linked to the very same people who were at the Heathrow climate camp bullying everyone again.
There were threats and violent attacks on some of the Eco Warriors from the 1990's road protests apparently because they did not do as they were told.
Later a child's tent was slashed to pieces with a knife during the night, and although these events may not have been connected, there were reasons to believe that they might have been.
There were a number of thefts at the Heathrow Camp for Climate Action and one young French woman was robbed while she slept, but when she complained to people she believed would help her, she was treated as if she had no right to be causing trouble at the camp.

None of these things went unnoticed, and they will no doubt be dealt with without involving the police.
So far the climate camp has managed to cover up the way they have abused and neglected some of the people they have attracted to their cause, but they will not go unpunished forever.
We are not as stupid as we might seem and we know exactly what crimes have been committed against us at the climate camps and pretty much by whom, and we know how to deal with the bad karma of the Ungodly when it becomes necessary.

Our lawyers are perfectly capable of bringing the guilty to face justice in the civil courts, but the real mystery is why have some of the climate campers been doing these things to us - what have we ever done to them, apart from sometimes being a little bit disobedient and making our own decisions for ourselves?
If the Camp for Climate Action has no leaders and is supposed to be run by everyone involved with it why are some of these people bossing everyone else around all the time?
One explanation that was give to us at the Heathrow camp was that new people coming into the Environmental Movement needed someone to tell them what to do!

However we are not "anarchists" with a fascist political philosophy, and we will not be there at the Kingsnorth power station protest to liaise with the police again, nor to provide protection with our legal observers with video cameras, and nor will we be asking the television companies to help protect the climate camp activists as we have done in the past.
So it is with a heavy heart that we say to everyone else who may have originally been planning to march with us from Heathrow to Kingsnorth in Kent at the end of July 2008, please don't go to the climate camp at Kingsnorth this year.
Why not come to the youth summit, peace conference, and the free children's peace festival on the site of the third runway near the threatened villages near Heathrow Airport instead, and help make these events happen?

We are just ordinary working people and we are calling on other working people to join us in lending their support to a do-it-yourself Children's Revolution led by the Children of the Eco Warriors against the domination of the working class by the government and the corporations, and against the tyranny of the middle class control of the working class.
It is our intention to try to kick-start a war against global warming and climate change to try to save the human race from extinction in the predicted Ecological Cataclysm or a World War Three nuclear Holocaust.
It is probably fair to say that future generations depend on us to take action on their behalf NOW, and it is logical that the children of today should be provided with all the help they will need to ensure the survival of the children of tomorrow.

To everyone reading this I would like to say please ask your children if they would like to come to a youth summit and a peace conference and a children's peace festival in the Sipson, Harmondsworth, and Harlington villages near Heathrow Airport at the end of July and the beginning of August 2008.
If they say yes they would, then bring them along and we will do our best to make sure that the police protect them, and that the news media treats them all with respect as well.
The children must be consulted about whether they want to do this, and they must be given the freedom to conduct their own summit meeting and peace conference in their own way without any adult interference or control, according to the principles of the Rio Earth Summit Agenda 21 and the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We understand that the university students who have been recruiting other students to the environmental cause for the purpose of starting a new youth Movement to combat climate change are intending to be there at Heathrow this year.
We are not aware of how much other support there might be yet for this project, but hopefully it won't be too long before we will be able to say: "The middle class can have their farce, we're doing this for the working class".
The police and the army are mostly working class people themselves, and they must be aware that the government they work for is corrupt and criminal and should be dealt with according to the law, the same as everyone else.
John Lennon sang: "A working class hero is something to be," and he imagined all the people sharing all the world, but times have changed since then, and today all we are saying is give police a chance.

Alternative activists like Rinky Dink have an awesome responsibility when they take care of young children on behalf of their parents, and everyone involved with the peace and environmental protests and demonstrations should be sharing this responsibility equally.
We all have a Duty of Care to everyone else and in particular to the young, and future generations have human rights too, which is something that is being overlooked by the politicians and the big business people who are responsible for causing climate change and for driving young people to horrific extremes of despair and desperation.
We have to change the future very soon or the future of the human race will become even more Alien than it is already, and it is time to offer the youth the chance to come together to work out their own solutions for themselves.

One of Shakespeare's characters said: "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones".
Instead of expecting the government to "do something" about the problems of climate change and gun and knife crime, the People of the World should be doing something themselves about the root causes of these terrible catastrophes.
The politicians who have their noses in the trough of the public's money will not be doing anything very much to help to solve the global crisis until their own children are being killed in the streets, and by then it will probably be far too late to do anything at all to stop the Apocalyptic massacres that appear to be coming soon.

The human race is being driven to extinction by global warming and climate change, and all the news we see every day in the newspapers and on the television provides hidden clues to what is really happening to us all.
In their own way the kids appear to be trying to tell us something, but nobody seems to be listening properly.
When the war with Iraq started, 5000 school children marched and chanted outside the Houses of Parliament:
"Two, four, six, eight, stop the killing stop the hate".
"Bush, Blair, CIA, how many kids did you kill today?"
Today several years after the war with Iraq began, the message coming from the children on the streets is entirely different and it is ominous and frightening, and if we don't start to take notice soon we might not live to regret it.

The Children's Revolution could arrest the government for crimes against humanity, including war crimes and for working illegally with and for the huge transnational corporations responsible for causing global warming and climate change by promoting the burning of fossil fuels, which has got to be illegal given the obviously catastrophic consequences of doing so.
If we really are going to continue to follow the kids on a march against climate change it ought to be their own decision to do it, rather than for the children to be manipulated and controlled by people they don't even know, as they have been at both the climate camps.

It would make more sense for the kids' bloc Children's Revolution march to head straight towards the heart of the Beast and surround the House of Commons and arrest the government with the support of the police and the army.
We could start a new political and economic system of localisation and environmentalism and environmental economics in Britain, that would trigger off a worldwide Revolution against the global capitalist system.
But before we will be able to do this we need to be able to demonstrate that we really do have the law on our side and that we know what we are doing, and that the People themselves are behind us, as well as the young people.
For these reasons it makes sense to hold a youth summit meeting and a peace conference to bring everyone together to discuss all our concerns for the future survival of the human race.

Let the young people meet the world's news media face to face and let the Metropolitan police act as security, and let's all smoke the pipe of peace together and see if we can discover some real solutions to global warming and all the violence that is helping to destroy the whole of our civilisation on the Earth.
Time is fast running out to stop runaway climate change and the escalating wars which the United Nations' scientists have warned could end with a World War Three nuclear Holocaust, as the entire planetary situation becomes increasingly desperate and out of control.
Either way the extinction of humanity is looking more and more likely this century, and without peace in the world the human race will have no chance whatever of surviving.

There are rumours going around that the planned expansion of Heathrow Airport with a third runway could be the beginning of an Alien Invasion of the Earth.
There are apparently people at the BBC who claim that Dr Who is broadcasting coded warnings to the people of Britain that there really are Aliens in control of the British government and the BBC, and that they are trying to manipulate the news to keep the public in agreement with the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Evil Aliens are said to also be promoting the construction of new roads and motorways and airports so that all the extra pollution will cause the Earth's atmosphere to gradually change into the carbon dioxide that the Aliens need to breathe.

The first Camp for Climate Action in August 2006 was a protest against the Drax coal-fired power station near Leeds in north Yorkshire.
The power station which pumps out 25% of the carbon dioxide emissions in Britain was also known as Drax the Destroyer, and there were suspicions that it was being operated by non-humans.
This year's climate camp planned as a protest against the Kingsnorth power station in Kent looks as if it might be a trap for the unwary, set by our enemies, like a time bomb waiting to go off.

The kids' bloc led the march to Drax with their banner "The Kids Are Revolting!" and the police harassed and attacked them, and this year the plan is to have another protest in the middle of nowhere, but we are saying to our friends the Eco Warriors: Please do not take your children to the Kingsnorth power station in July and August 2008.
The Alien Climate Snatchers may be trying to destroy our reality, but there is a new collective of young musicians and artists and writers and film makers known as the Martians who believe that they have no choice but to resist and fight back in self defence, in the name of future generations yet unborn.

The children are the future of the human race and they are the most precious thing our Earth has got, and their lives must no longer be put in danger by anyone, not even by the most well meaning of environmental campaigners.
During the road protests of the 1990's the original Martians band used the slogan "The Martians Are Coming to Save the Earth," and our theme song was "Battlesong for a Lost Generation".
The Martian collective is a working class Movement and everyone is invited to join in, not just pompous aloof stuck-up snobs who seem to think they are better than everyone else.

Today the Martians want to stop the extinction of humanity, and we are asking: "Can You Save the Human Race?"
We have seen the future; the universe runs like clockwork; it just needs winding up again, and sometimes difficult choices need to be made.
The Camp for Climate Action should stay at Heathrow this year and morph into something else, something that genuinely cares about people and especially the young, and something that is willing to work to create a project that helps local communities implement positive solutions to the crisis that is global warming and climate change.
The climate camp shouldn't continue to be a confrontational organisation with a secretive political agenda.
It needs to be a lot less sinister and arrogant and Alien, and a lot more human.
There is no point swapping one corrupt system for another one that could be equally as evil.

Apologies to anyone who feels they might have been unfairly targeted, but integrity is not negotiable.
When a child's tent gets savagely slashed to pieces with a knife in the middle of the night without a thought for who might have been inside it and been killed as a result, you know that something is rotten at the heart of the Camp for Climate Action, and that the wrong people are running the show.
Whether the Aliens have infiltrated the climate camp and taken it over remains to be seen, but as Angel asks in her song, "For the Children":
"What have we done to our Earth?
"Where is the love for our children?"

Maybe it is time for us all to stop and have a breathing space and to properly involve the younger generation in our plans, by asking the kids what changes they would like to see in the world, instead of just ignoring them as usual, or even worse, leading them into even more violent confrontations with the riot police.
We need for young people to tell us the solutions they are willing to be a part of so we can find a real strategy to save humanity before there is a total collapse of civilisation, and the survivors of the Ecological Cataclysm end up living in a Hellish post-Apocalyptic world where everyone has to arm themselves for their own protection.
As the BBC EastEnders actress Brooke Kinsella whose brother Ben was stabbed to death on the street in Islington, north London, said shortly after his murder:
"We have to stand up and put an end to this".

Young people have always been involved with the Eco Warriors' protest campaigns and there were even a few kids' sites during the road protests of the 1990's.
Ultimately children and teenagers could be leading the way to finding and implementing solutions to global warming and climate change in their own local communities.
The Earth Fair Consumer Revolt could become a project of the new generation, with derelict shops and properties being taken over and used as community centres for the sharing of everyone's unwanted second hand goods.
Young people could help with tree planting and guerrilla gardening, growing additional food for the local people in their own local areas.
They could help with wildlife protection and permaculture, and the recycling and reusing of scrap materials which can be turned into renewable energy devices like wind turbines and solar power generators.

There are many experienced environmental campaigners who are perfectly capable of teaching the youth these kind of eco-friendly ideas and techniques if they decide they want to.
It would make more sense for everyone to show young people a little bit of respect instead of sneering and mocking and looking down their noses at them like the Camp for Climate Action media group did at the Heathrow protest.
Their "activist journalist" should be providing genuine help for the youngsters who admire him, and he should be writing in his newspaper about the progress of the kids' bloc Children's Revolution rather than pretending to be doing police liaison for the Children of the Eco Warriors, which nobody asked him to.
It's no wonder the kids' march at Heathrow kept stopping and starting all the time, and the police in charge were tearing their hair out and saying they couldn't understand what they were being asked to do.

The children's charity Kids' Company asked the Earth Aid Environmental campaign if we would open up squats in central London for all the homeless children and teenagers living rough on the streets who were unable to get accommodation from the councils or dole payments from the government.
We told them we would do our best to encourage the activists in the social centres and all the different groups in the Environmental Movement, to get involved with helping the young people learn how to lead an alternative lifestyle that would help them become independent and self-sufficient, and also benefit the community at the same time.
Teaming up with other young people and teaching them their eco-friendly woodland skills is the sort of thing that the Children of the Eco Warriors are ideally capable of doing if they choose to.

Anyone seeking any further information about the proposed youth summit meeting, peace conference, and free children's festival in the villages of Sipson, Harmondsworth, and Harlington near Heathrow Airport, starting towards the end of July 2008, would be advised to check with their kids first to ask them if they are up for getting involved with these proposals.
Noam Chomsky explained to us all how the governments and the corporations can deceive the public by "manufacturing their consent" for all the terrible things that they do, like starting wars and stealing oil and other natural resources in the Third World, but in the sixties Marc Bolan of T Rex sang: "You can't fool the Children of the Revolution".

Everyone interested in lending their support to the ongoing Heathrow Campaign is invited to phone me personally on 07964226736 at any time, and I will pass on any information that I may have received myself.
Please bear in mind that long-term protest sites against the destruction of the environment are supposed to be peaceful environmental campaigns that can have lasting value, unlike short-term blockades and riots with the police.

The road protests of the 1990's were usually also Greenham Common-style peace camps with nature reserves and vegetable gardens and hippies dancing in the moonlight.
Surely that has got to be a whole lot more fun than going off to fight World War Three in the Middle East to get more oil to set the whole world on fire with, or choking to death on carbon dioxide, or watching kids getting attacked by the police on TV at a part-time middle class climate change protest...

The threats to the survival of the human race are far more urgent now than they were in the 1990's, and the protests of the environmental activists probably do need to be more confrontational, but the inevitable violence with the police at the Camp for Climate Action protest at the Kingsnorth power station will not solve the problem of climate change.
If anything it will only bring the Environmental Movement into disrepute and make all the problems far worse than they already are if the mothers and their children get harassed and attacked by the police again.
At least by posting this on Indymedia and alerting everyone including the Metropolitan Police to the dangers that we believe some of the Children of the Eco warriors may be about to be facing, it is hopefully fair to say that we ourselves have done what we think is the right thing to do in the circumstances.

There is nothing illegal about trying to stop coal-fired power stations from belching out their poisonous carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but it is just not right to expect young children to lead a protest march into the waiting shields and batons of the violent riot police.
To our eternal shame the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign admits to having encouraged Angel and her friends to join in the kids' march at the Camp for Climate Action at Heathrow in August 2007.
But we did do the police liaison for the Children's Revolution group, and we did believe the climate camp networking group when they said the camp would be "child-friendly".
What we didn't know was that the media group would object to the BBC providing protection for the kids' march.

Over the many years that the Environmental Movement has been campaigning against global warming it is hard to think of anything particularly substantial that has been done specifically for the children, or in the real long-term interests of future generations.
It is beginning to look as it the kids have just being used and abused and overlooked in the mad rush of the egocentric eco-maniacs looking for short-term fame and glory as comic book super heroes in the world's news media, and the activists seem to be completely missing the point of what they should actually be trying to achieve.
Albert Einstein said: "Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.
"It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction".
In other words, if we have interpreted this correctly, Armageddon outta here!

The fluffy hippies should have the courage of their convictions and refuse to take their children into danger again.
What we are proposing is visionary and Utopian, but it is also very simple and there is no good reason why it can't be done.
While the spiky activists are confronting the police and attempting to close down the Kingsnorth power station the Children of the Eco Warriors could be holding a youth summit meeting and a peace conference and a children's peace festival on the site of the third runway near Heathrow Airport.
Just like the kids' blockade at the G8 protest at Gleneagles in 2005 some of the members of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army and some of the Rhythms of Resistance and some of the students from People and Planet could join in and work with the Eco Warriors and the Green Quakers and the Peace Not war campaigners.

Together with Angel and Sunshine and the Horse-drawn Camp and Rinky Dink and the Carbon Town Cryer and all the rest of the peace-loving hippy dippies we could help the kids' bloc hold a real Children's Revolution at last, and we could try to set an example of the way forward for all humanity to find the solutions to ensuring the survival of future generations.
As John Lennon and Yoko Ono sang at one of their peace concerts in New York all those years ago:
"Come together, join the Movement,
"Take a stand for human rights.
"A new world, a new world, that's what we ask for,
"A new world, a new world, that's what we want".

Let it Be.
Thank you,