Sunday, 20 July 2008

Lord George Brown

Some of you who are as or older than me will remember a certain minister in the Wilson government called George Brown who was well known to the demon drink and regularly 'put his foot in it' as a consequence of the drink. It would appear that some in the coalition in Cardiff may not have learnt the lesson that politics/ministerial responsibilities and drink just don't mix. I refer of course to our own, ex Heritage Minister, Rhodri Glyn Thomas, who 'resigned' from the Welsh Assembly Government...did he jump or was he pushed...we shall never know!! Poor old Rhodri has had a pretty torrid 12 months...spending lots of money keeping the Millenium Centre and the Botanical Gardens open, failing to support Y Byd, the first daily newspaper in Welsh, not doing much about establishing a Welsh Federal College etc, etc. The end must have been in sight a few weeks ago when Rhodri screwed up in spectacular style (Oh, I still cringe) with the book awards where he gave the runner up the first prize and then realised his mistake. Last day before the summer recess in the Assembly sounds like a day out on the pop with journalists in the Eli Jenkins pub in the Bay, where Rhodri seems to hit rock bottom, when he was asked to leave because he was smoking a cigar in the pub!! Now I smoke and I know just how conscious one is of being a smoker, you just do not light up in any building that is now ingrained into me. I just wonder why it wasn't ingrained into Rhodri or was he not capable of making rational decisions. Anyway that must have been the last straw for the RM and IWJ and Rhodri was off and us Gogs hope that his replacement will be non other than the highly regarded AM for Caernarfon, Alun Ffred Jones. If he is the new Heritage word of caution, avoid getting drunk in the presence of Vaughan Roderick unless he wants to get hung out to dry on his blog like Rhodri Glyn Thomas was.

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Tom Bodden told me... said...

Apparently Janet Ryder's press officer sent out a release welcoming Alun Ffred before he'd been appointed and then had to recall it!

Surely incompetence like that's a sacking offence (or "resigning matter") in Plaid Cymru nowadays!