Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Plaid "Runs Rings Round Labour"

Who said that? No it wasn't a Plaid Cymru politician it was none other than Don Touhig, Labour MP for Islwyn and former Welsh Office Minister. He is well known for his attacks on Plaid Cymru, one of the most anti of all Labour MP's. He opposed the One Wales Coalition and on its anniversary describes Plaid Cymru as running rings round Labour!! He goes on to describe his party as too there any future for Labour when its senior members describe it in such terms?


Dba said...

Don's Column

Voter aspirations

I think that it is fair to say that we have a battle on our hands to win a record fourth election. The press are more negative than they have ever been and the Tories have a leader who will say absolutely anything to curry public favour.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. Despite our recent problems, David Cameron should be doing far better in the polls than the present three to five per cent lead that he enjoys.

People are just not warming to David Cameron or his new brand of Tories. Despite their posturing they are just not breaking through. This presents us with a huge opportunity.

There is no doubt about it – we have a strong record. Never before has a government been able to combine social reform with economic competence. However, it will not be enough to expect to win on our record alone nor will the thinking that just spending more money on public services will see us through.

Voters increasingly take for granted what has been achieved in the past and want to know what the government is going to do to deal with the problems that they face now and in the future.

This calls for us to develop new ideas. We have only won when we have been at our most bold. Radical measures like the Minimum Wage, paternity leave and the right to join a trade union?? [ UNISON,

have helped so many people.

For all our problems, we are still the only party that has a real vision for the future. Just look at the commitment in budget to take on both pensioner and child poverty or the Prime Minister’s desire to personalise the Health Service these are plans that prove we have the solutions that people seek.

Above all we need to demonstrate to people whose expectations we have raised after eleven years in government that we are still the party that can help them achieve their aspirations.


Anonymous said...

Don the Dinosaur picked a good time to bemoan the state of Labour. The Western Mail is reporting that some Welsh constituencies have as few as 20 active members and that membership has crumbled to such an extent that ward branches no longer function.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I got the impression from the Council elections that Labour had a shortage of workers on the ground that's why Lucas was canvassing from my opponent...I'd love to be a 'fly on the wall' of meetings of Wrexham Constituency Labour party!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think you're right.
Obviously dinosaur Don is cottoning on.
Unfortunately the penny is yet to drop elsewhere.

That's probably true for Wrexham...
Where are Labour nowadays?
All I see in the Leader are Plaid-led stories.
That's got to be good news!

Anonymous said...

better red than dead used to be the saying well i would rather be dead than vote for such utter useless MPs.voteing for a pay rise themselfs?labour have changed the criminal justice system,anti terroism laws,aimed at us,they are the ones who should be given an ASBO, for crimes against there fellow human beings,let there red rivers run dry, ,anagram of tony blair mp/ im Tory plan B

durruti said...

A fly on the wall at a Labour meeting? They do say that flies are attracted to sh1t.

If I was Lucas or Martyn Jones I'd be starting to look at alternative employment. Lucas can go back to being a solicitor, but Martyn - well, the brewery's long gone. He never did save Wrexham Lager did he?

Anonymous said...

i dont thing they would be in the dole que, bet they have a nice little nest egg all saved up,and not in the banks, thanks to them and the fedral bank of america, nothing fed about them though,who have caused the economic situation we are in at the moment,but if you are on the dole it makes no differance,dont think the red flag be sung any more,change the lyrics billy brag to a sinking ship,and martyn jones saying we need to wake up, you need a kick up your arse,not us, who fight for various things within our communitys, oh and he still has the title in his possion of wrexham lager,nethier could get drunk on that stuff,special brew me self

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Thank you for your comments, I think you are absolutely right both Martyn and Ian Lucas will have to fight hard to hang on to their seats next election...and they don't have any resources. I met Ian Lucas last Sunday and it was down to me to make conversation with him and then he couldn't wait to get away from about representing all the people of his constituency, no way would he represent me because I'm Plaid Cymru.

Anonymous said...

Did you know Christopher Glamorganshire? What's the gossip?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

News to me, must say I do sympathise with him though, he shouldn't have been sacked unless he was in a politically restricted role within the Civil Service. Might have protection under whistleblower legislation.

Dba said...

pity we have to be invited to read the blog

Anonymous said...

Dba said...

with regards to runing rings around labour,the folk of this country are sick to death of high taxes high fuel bills,and the economic problems we are facing,there is an agenda behind all of the above, less cars on the road for one, i feel labour have let the people who voted them in down, i once wanted to join the labour party, i had no responce from my emails whatso ever,
the article below .times on line

Labour is stuck firmly in the political doldrums as gloom about the economy deepens, according to the latest YouGov poll for The Sunday Times.

The survey of more than 1,800 people, carried out on Thursday and Friday, puts the Tories on 47%, Labour on 25% and the Liberal Democrats 18%.

The 22-point Tory lead and the ratings of the two main parties are unchanged from last month. The Liberal Democrats have gained two points from the minor parties. Otherwise, David Cameron’s party appears to have consolidated its lead over Labour.

If there is one crumb of comfort for Gordon Brown, it is that Labour may have hit rock bottom. In terms of both Labour’s popularity and

Dba said...

Every Labour MP will be ordered to campaign in Glasgow East amid mounting panic that the party could lose the by-election in the constituency this month.

Party whips are launching an extraordinary operation to ensure that every minister and backbencher hits the streets on the tough estates of Easterhouse to try to stave off the threat from the Scottish National party (SNP).

The rearguard action is remarkable because Labour’s Margaret Curran will be defending a majority of 13,500. The SNP needs a swing of 22%.