Sunday, 27 July 2008

Reform of Planning Policy in Wales

Please see below a copy of a letter I have sent for publication to the Daily Post:

Dear Editor

The announcement that the Welsh Assembly will provide Planning Authorities in Wales (Extra cash to help local planning, Post July 26) with £250,000 is to be welcomed. It is however a shame that Mrs Davidson and her advisors are not announcing a 'root and branch' review of Planning Policy in Wales to ensure that planning decisions are made to meet local needs and demands and not to meet the demands of large developers whose only interest is to maximise their profits by converting large swathes of Wrexham County Borough Council into a 'concrete jungle, just because its easier to get planning consent inWrexham than in Chester. The massive increase in the building of unaffordable homes in Wrexham over the last 4 years has contributed to the 60% increase in house prices.

We in local authorities know what needs to be done but we cannot do it knowing that the Planning Inspectorate in Wales will probably allow any appeal against our decisions...the law needs changing now.


Negrin said...

The Chief Planning Officer was playing the appeal card at Wrexham's Planning committee tonight...whenever members went against his advice his only view was that we need to be able to support the decision before the Planning Inspectorate. He was also raising things that weren't material planning considerations like the financial viability of the company who wanted to clear the Bersham tip...thankfully the Planning Committee voted against his advice.

bersham boy said...

Very disappointing to see officers attempting to undermine councillors by talking up an appeal. The Rhostyllen Colliery Bank was rejected two years ago without appeal, it was rejected tonight for the same reasons too.
The developer's attempt to buy off the council with a museum that would be funded for five years was also a blatant "buyoff" that people saw through.