Friday, 25 July 2008


Late night last night watching the result come in from Glasgow East, Labour's third safest seat in Scotland and they lose it to the SNP's John Mason by 365 votes or a massive 22% swing from Labour to the SNP. The Plaid Cymru group congratulate the SNP on this historic win which will take both our nations closer to greater self government. What happens now to they panic and dump Gordon Brown, I don't think so because they haven't anyone to replace him. At this rate of demise I would even predict that Ian Lucas's would lose his seat...the only one likely to retain his seat in North Wales against such swings would be Mark Tami in Deeside.
Out with Lucas would be Betty Williams, Chris Ruane and Albert Owen, North Wales would be nearly a Labour free zone and Plaid Cymru would very likely pick up two of those four seats.


marc jones said...

Only two?!

Fantastic result that shows that the progressive vote in Scotland as in Wales has got an alternative to Labour.
Unlike in England, the Tories are going nowhere in Wales and Scotland - they just saved their deposit last night.

And if it's looking bad for Labour MPs in Wales, it can't be much comfort being a Labour AM.

Negrin said...

That's me being conservative in my predictions...but I'm just trying to be kind to our Labour friends you can't disillusion them too much else the next election will be soooooo... boring!! By I will make one other prediction...that the hard working visible MP for South Clwyd will lose his seat