Monday, 11 August 2008

Georgia on my mind

Neither Russia nor Georgia seem to have their hands clean over the war over South Ossetia. The Georgian army invaded the area, breaking an uneasy ceasefire with local rebels who have been covertly supported by Russia.

 Russia has responded with a massive show of military might and could go so far as to overthrow the Georgian president, who is seen as pro-US and therefore a threat on Russia's southern border.

 The US has responded to this by accusing Moscow of "resisting peace and wanting regime change."

 Ponder those words by a George Bush-led administration.

 This bitter little war is one of the unforeseen consequences of the Iraqi invasion back in 2003, which became an explicit "regime change" war after the lie over Weapons of Mass Destruction was exposed. Powerful states around the world now see they have the explicit right to invade and "regime change" any neighbour without the threat or sanction of international retaliation.



djm said...

Yes, it's not like Russia to take land by stealth!

Do you even remember the Soviet Union?

But don't let historical facts get in the way of your petty hatred of the US.

What have the good people of Wrecsam done to deserve you?

Negrin said...

I'm not exactly sure where dja is coming on this what historical facts has the blog's author got wrong? Wasn't the purpose of the Iraq war to change regimes? Hasn't it always been US Foreign Policy to overthrow regimes that might challenge global capitalism. For historical facts try reading Tim Weiner's, Legacy of Ashes, The History of the CIA. The first CIA cock up in regime change was the overthrow of Mohammad Mosadeq the democratic prime minister of Iran...guess what for for nationalizing Iran's oil supply because the Anglo Iranian Oil Company was ripping off the Iranian people. As a consequence the US puppet the Shah was installed and was later overthrown by the Islamic Fundamentalist Ayatollahs. Where are we today Iran a potential nuclear threat and the price of fuel through the roof...anybody surprised were not the US's greatest fans. History lesson over!!

Anonymous said...

Georgia should call Russia's bluff and offer torecognise an independent neutral Abkhazia and Ossetia if Russia offer to do the same for Chechnia. Both Georgia and Russia are hypocrits here.

Plaid Whitegate said...

As I said, DJA, neither side comes out of this well and the USSR's history re the Prague Spring and Hungary in 1956 is disgraceful.

But I find the hypocrisy of the US equally repulsive especially given Negrin's comprehensive expose of its role in destabilising in the Middle East. If we were to mention its role in Latin America we'd be here all day.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

What have the people of Wrecsam done to deserve us?
In keeping with this thread can I just say that the rocketing price of fuel affects the people of Wrecsam the same as everyone else. The cost of a barrel of oil has gone from $94 to $147 in 12 months and down to $120 in a few weeks, how much has fuel come down per litre...4 or 5 pence, whilst global oil companies make huge profits by speculation, Gordon Brown and George Bush sit on their hands and allow a substantial numbers of the low paid and elderly to fall ever further into poverty. It may be naive of us as Councillors to think we can do much about it but we can all aspire and work towards a better, fairer society and not accept the status quo as dja seems to.

Penyberth said...

" we can all aspire and work towards a better, fairer society"

Great, it's nice to have a dream. You've had more than 100 days in power now - what have Plaid actually achieved?

What is your plan for helping people in Wrecsam ? Or shall I tell Nain you're 'aspiring' to help her?

Illtyd Luke said...

Councillors should be able to comment on the international picture, especially for the global reasons that the post above illustrates.

In this case Georgia has made a strategic error in trying to weaken the South Ossetian separatists ahead of talks they had planned to hold. Ajaria was weakened too and was able to be incorporated back into Georgia several years ago. It didn't work in South Ossetia because of Russia's quick reaction.

Interestingly, 1,000 US troops were in Georgia just six days before Georgia's attack on South Ossetia, participating in maneuvers called 'Operation Immediate Response' 60 miles from the Russian border.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Helo "Tom Bodden says"...sorry its "Penyberth says" today isn't it. Achievement is what we do over 4 years, not a 100 days, we don't have illusions of grandeur about being Presidents (unlike Gordon Brown). I'm sure our achievements will be listed in our Autumn neesletters, but here's a taster - A big contribution to changing the Local Development Plan to build more affordable housing...this means if houses are affordable people like your Nain...and my mother have more money to spend on oil and heating. Don't forget the Community Garden in Gwersyllt...I could go on...but would it change your views of Plaid, I didn't think so.

Penyberth said...

I don't have a poor opinion of Plaid Cymru - I merley expect people to live up to their billing and when they wanted my vote Plaid were promising all sorts of things.

You're not my councillor anyway, but the garden sounds nice. Conceived, started and finished in the last 100 days - that's quick work!

Unfortunately, like most elderly people, my nain isn't in the property market and has no plans to be so affordable housing doesn't mean much to her - she already has a house and I can't see how giving other people affordable housing (much as that needs to be done) will help with her gas bill.

Oh, and I'm not sure why you think everyone who says anything mildly critical of Plaid is (a) anti-Plaid and (b) the same person.

Though I will give you this - you at least print and debate my comments - some of your fellow councillors have deleted them without acknowledging they were ever there....

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Can I make the following points:
1. My leaflets made NO promises,all I said was that I would seek to do certain things bearing in mind I am 1 Councillor out of 52.
2. Local Authorities do not have an unlimited budget.
3. Plaid Cymru have 1 vote out of 10 on the Executive Board.
4. Don't give me problems give me solutions!! you give me a suggestion what local councillors can do about the cost of fuel, even central government seem to struggle to solve it.
5. Politics is about the art of the possible not the impossible.

Got to go now...ward work to do!!

Anonymous said...

Quiet here...

Plaid Whitegate said...

We didn't want to upset anyone - there are some sensitive souls reading this blog. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

Dba said...

srvice resumed, with regards to troops,only a rumour but i did hear that american troops was involved in the exercise,
the day it kicked of was on the day of the olympics,news coverage a bit hazy, wellfor all you sun readers out there who dont get the full pic read on, Georgia is a wealthy, strategically important nation, which explains why the west pumped so many billions into pro-democracy outfits and other US led projects to promulgate the velvet revolution that saw control prised from the grasp of the former Soviet Union in the early 1990's. Russian control of the oil pipeline which crosses into Georgia from Azerbaijan, gives Russia control of a pipeline that runs from one of the world's largest oil reserves. The other big two, are Iran/Iraq and the Arctic.
says it all,