Monday, 4 August 2008

Is your boss a minimum wage cheat?

Nearly 800 firms in Wales have failed to pay workers the minimum wage - yet not one has been prosecuted for breaking the law.

 These shocking figures were unearthed by a Plaid Cymru AM's Freedom of Information request, which also revealed that none of the eight minimum wage inspectors covering Wales are based in the North.

 It's more than likely that this figure represents the tip of an iceberg, especially in areas like Wrecsam.

 So is your boss or ex-boss a minimum wage cheat? Are they failing to pay workers the minimum legal rate and therefore breaking the law?

 If so, Plaid Cymru in Wrecsam wants to hear from you. Contact us in complete confidence with details of the companies breaking this law.

 Anyone paying less than these rates is breaking the law:

16-17 yr olds: £3.40 (rising to £3.53 in October)
18-21 yr olds: £4.60 (£4.77)
22 and over: £5.52 (£5.73)

Contact plaidwrecsam [at] or text 07747 792441 with your information.



Plaid Gwersyllt said...

The National Minimum Wage Enforcement Officers have extensive powers, they can either take a case to Employment Tribunal on behalf of an employee, secondly they can serve an enforcement notice on the employer and thirdly they can serve a penalty notice. It would be interesting to see how often the three powers have been used in these 800 cases...another FOI request is called for I think. Also if NMW rules are breached employees will not be entitled to the correct holiday pay etc which is an illegal deduction from earnings which again can go to Employment Tribunal. The biggest deterrent to employees going to ET is that there is no Legal Help so if an employee is not a union member they will have to represent themselves. If they then win the ET cannot enforce payment of compensation so the employee has then got to go to County Court to recover the compensation. There are lots of barriers to a low paid worker receiving justice through the 'loop riddled legislation' that is today's employment law.

Dba said...

I have heard that there are polish gang masters who threatens its workers with violence,these could possibley be on low wages.
The actual figures are well higher than any survey being done on minimum wages.
or do they have there own minimum wage inspectors