Friday, 19 September 2008

Caia allotments

A public meeting has been organised for everyone interested in new allotments in Caia Park. The meeting will take place at the Pentre Gwyn Community Centre on Abenbury Rd at 7pm on Tuesday, 7 October.

 Everyone's welcome to hear about the latest developments in our attempts to secure allotments for people in Caia.  Councillor Marc Jones and Wrexham Council's allotments officer Nicola Ellis will be there.

 Tea and coffee will be provided.

 PS This has taken longer than expected and there are still issues with funding. So just one question - how did Cllr Arfon Jones get his community gardens sorted so quickly?! 


Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Contacts, dear boy...contacts!!

No not really it just sort of happened when the Early Intervention Scheme started their 3months stint and through the enthusiastic support of Christine Jones the Estates Manager.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could ask communtitys first for some funding,we can get up to £5,000. for the allotments.
Thiswould show that some but not all C/F caia park to in fact fund other projects,rather than those favoured ones which seem to take so much of its funding up

Keep Caia Clear said...

Which open space will these allotments take up then?

Plaid Whitegate said...

With the agreement of Pentre Gwyn and Tanycoed Tenants' Association, we're hoping to site them on the lower half of the field at the junction of Abenbury Road and Cefn Road. The football pitch will remain in place - the rest of the field isn't being used by the community.