Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Our Assembly

A recent survey of 2500 people in Wales indicate that 70% of the those polled favoured the Welsh Assembly and devolution, 39% wanted more powers and 31% wanted the powers to remain the same

At the same time, Gordon Brown addresses the North of Ireland Assembly promising full devolution with tax raising powers and control over Policing, what's good for Northern Ireland should apply to Wales, but will it? Not if our Unionist Labour MP's have anything to do with it.

The Assembly may not be perfect but what system of governance is? To make it better we must have more powers.


Draig said...

Specifically, 39% want full law-making and tax-raising powers. Which is exactly what the Richard Commission recommended after...er, extensive consultation with the public!

What we're being offered now is not even full lawmaking powers. Question is, do the public realise this?

Plaid Whitegate said...

On top of that 70% a further 10% want independence.

If you exclude the 5% "don't knows", there is a slim majority for at least a law-making Welsh Parliament (52%), a further third (32%) support the devolved status quo and just 16% want a return to direct rule from London.

Once the argument is made to clear up the current messy compromise and have clear-cut decision making in Wales and for Wales, I'm confident more people will see the merits of voting Yes in a referendum.

Draig said...

Agreed. Plaid have everything to gain and Labour have everything to lose on this.

The Labour MPs can kick up a fuss but they are not a totally united camp, and many will know that they are headed for electoral wipeout - and given the rapidly deteriorating economic climate that will probably be next year.

Bring it on!