Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Plaid condemns outsourcing of council jobs

Tonight's Evening Leader carries a story about the outsourcing of council jobs. The council's official response fails to recognise that Cllr Carrie Harper was, in fact, a member of the scrutiny committee that considered the report by officers and made her feelings clear at that meeting.

The service that is now being derided as inadequate has actually been praised both in the council's own magazine ("Keep up the good work!") and by service users, who gave it a 99% satisfaction rate.

 Outsourcing is a pretty word for privatisation, made worse by outsourcing across the border in Chester. 


Yachydda said...

Wrexham council is a joke.
they first clainm that the service is good then they say its inadequate.

Wrexham council are hiding the real facts, they tell us that they have £17M in savings but its more than £22M.
the reason for this is that adult social care have been cutting back year after year under this council.
I have writen to the leader who does not have the answers.

Serious questions need to be answered about the lack of adult and child social services care.

We need an honest council not one that missleads us with inacuracies.

Plaid needs to stand up and demand the truth.
Wrexham council are deliberatly wasting our money, its not good enough.

Anonymous said...

It was great to hear Ieuan Wyn Jones attacking the Tories in his conference speech today. I am proud that Plaid are standing up for working people and are not stooges for Cameron's Tories. Well done Plaid for not collaborating with the Tories in Wales!

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Off message again I see...but there again I still published it!!