Saturday, 27 September 2008

Spotlight on Gwersyllt.

Spotlight on Gwersyllt is a Labour Party Newsletter aimed at the residents of Gwersyllt, it comes out with some astounding statements like claiming the credit for the Gwersyllt Resource Centre, no mention of the European Urban II funding...oh, and incidentally, two Labour County Councillors for Gwersyllt failed to attend the official opening of the Centre...some support!!

Another item talks about Ian Lucas working hard for affordable housing, shame his 11 Labour colleagues on the County Council were that disinterested in affordable housing that they ALL failed to attend a member workshop on the subject last Tuesday, yet again Plaid Cymru had a 100% attendance. Affordable housing is likely to be one of the 3 Council Priorities and the only reason its there is because its been pushed by the 'coalition' with a big influence from Plaid Cymru...Labour nowhere to be seen.


ian clueless said...

First they ignore you
Then they laugh at you
Then they attack you

Then you win

carys hilton said...

This is the same crummy leaflet Labour's been delivering in Caia Park - they've had to rely on councillors and even the MP to deliver it. Still, it gives Andrew Bailey something to do now that he's no longer a councillor.
Interesting to see that "Welsh Labour" is claiming the credit for all the achievements of the One Wales Plaid coalition government so far.

Dba said...

with Gordon browns speech, iun the labour party conference regarding child poverty,
i added this to my blog in january 08

The uk government has failed to follow the un recommendations made in 2002,on the rights of the child,10 out of 87, what a surprise,
Asylum seekers children are housed in adult dention centres becuase immagration do not regonise them as children.
The un is due to assess the uks implementation of the convention on childrens rights in autumn 2008.
With my battle with clwyd alyn,it appears children are not noticed,and indeed have to live in damp housing,despite reports done by university in th 80s regarding damp,mould, this appears to be overlooked.isee this as within the guidlines of the un convention on childrens rights,i have allready sent my pitition REGARDING this matter with the E/U
This country makes the law up as and when it pleases

what we have gordon saying is a loadof rubbish, the government have failed on the EU, childrens rights

Dba said...

sorry i forgot to add the relevent information, to prove the government have indeed failed the in the un resolutions.

lots more links,if you need more prove of the lies and back handed methods being used by gordon