Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Towards a more open council

Wrexham Council has agreed to another small step towards a more open and accountable system of government.
 At tonight's full council meeting, a Plaid Cymru initiative to allow citizens to present petitions to the council on matters of concern was accepted unanimously.
 This change in the constitution was proposed by Plaid's Executive Board member Cllr Arfon Jones and was taken up by the council's legal services department.
 This will allow people more direct access to the council rather than having to rely on councillors to raise issues on their behalf.
 Plaid also successfully challenged a move to keep part of tonight's agenda from the press and public when Cllr Marc Jones pointed out to the same department that there was nothing on the agenda that was private or confidential. The agenda item in question was duly heard without excluding the public.
 Plaid will continue to push for more public scrutiny of council decisions.

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Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I must say I was quite surprised there was no opposition whatsover to this amendment. I'd heard that there was some dissent amongst Co Chairs of Scrutiny Committees. Anyway its a big step forward for citizen participation and inclusiveness.