Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Caia allotments plan a step closer

Plans for allotments in the Caia area are a step closer with the formation of the CAIA COMMUNITY GARDENS ASSOCIATION in October. The association plans to establish individual and communal plots for the local community to use on the lower half of the field next to Pentre Gwyn Community Centre.

The allotments will be run by the plotholders themselves and funding is already going well - about half the cost of the fencing and water supply has already been met. Now fundraising events are planned to make up the rest. Once we're up and running, the annual rent from the plots will pay for upkeep, insurance and water rates.

There are more than 100 people on the Wrexham Council waiting list for allotments and a further 35 have put their names down for the Caia allotments.

If you want to put your name down for a plot - which measures 8m x 5m - and get involved in this new group of gardening enthusiasts (all amateurs but willing to learn!) please get in touch with Caia Community Gardens Association chairman Marc Jones on 01978 366 735, 07747 792 441 or e-mail

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