Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Caia Community Gardens

A good turnout at the Pentre Gwyn Community Centre to move the allotments project forward. All present agreed that we'd call ourselves the Caia Community Gardens Association and will have our inaugural AGM on Tuesday, 21 October. Everyone who wants to commit to working an allotment plot is welcome to attend.
The meeting heard from Cllr Marc Jones, of Whitegate, and Wrexham Council landscape officer Nicola Ellis about the project and how the allotments scheme would work in practice.
Cllr Jones said: "It was great to see a wide cross-section of the local community interested in the venture, especially as quite a few had opted to support Dean Saunders's first home game.
"We have to set up our own association to run the allotments and, once that's up and running, we can apply for grants from a wide variety of organisations. I'm confident that the people who've come forward to help can bring a wide range of expertise and enthusiasm to the project.
"In particular I want to thank everyone from the Pentre Gwyn and Tanycoed Tenants' Association for their generous support with this venture."
The project, which is designed to meet the demand for allotments in this part of Wrexham, also has the support of Wrexham Council.
A meeting will be held at the Pentre Gwyn Community Centre on Tuesday, 21 October at 7pm to elect a steering committee to push the scheme forward.

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