Sunday, 5 October 2008

Child poverty shocker

The terrible news that a Wrexham ward has the highest child poverty figures in Wales should prompt a re-think about everything that's been done in our communities.
Queensway (87%) and Wynnstay (84%) in Caia were the worst figures, while Plas Madoc also registered 77%.

Carrie Harper, Plaid's councillor for Queensway, said: "A lot of money has gone into the area, over the last year especially. The key is how that's spent because we're not seeing the difference we should be seeing on the ground.

"Yale are bringing a new skills centre to the old Queens Park youth club, so there are some great opportunities coming up.

"As long as local people are given the opportunities to access them, it could be very positive, and hopefully those type of developments will mean that next time we won't be in this position."

The council has a responsibility to make sure that's the case - not with more money but with better targetting of resources to make sure it's reaching the right places.

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Lerroux said...

Begs the question where the £850,000 Communities First monies goes to...clearly not to address child poverty.