Sunday, 5 October 2008

How others see us

This report in the Guardian doesn't sound like the Wrecsam I know.
Would anyone with an inkling about Brynteg, Coedpoeth and Broughton describe them as "cute commuter villages"? Not communities, just places for Guardian readers to buy up a cottage.

The whole article was poorly researched and slap dash - a few random school reports included, a couple of villages namechecked and a few house prices mentioned. Lazy, metropolitan journalism that does nothing to show readers the real Wrecsam

One comment, allegedly from a Wrecsam resident, said: "The best thing about Wrexham is its vicinity to Chester. If you want smiling faces, quality shopping, good restaurants, historic buildings, interesting lectures, free parks and street theatre, you'll find yourself heading for Wrexham's illustrious neighbour on a regular basis."

Presumably these Chester wannabees are only putting up with us because of "house prices and council tax are low" (now there's something I don't hear very often but is true if you're coming at this from an English perspective).

The council is currently engaging in a branding strategy - perhaps it could start by educating journalists about the real Wrecsam.


Plaid Gwersyllt said...

It sounds like the council's consultants on rebranding Wrecsam could have written the article for the far as I can see these expensive consultants have done sod all to promote Wrecsam as a Welsh their idea was to ignore our Welshness by doing away with any concept of border and assimilate us into the North West of there a hidden agenda here?

Lerroux said...

I wonder if T.Roberts who wants us in the North East to go into England is a pseudonym for a certain senior officer of Wrexham County Borough Council who clearly feels the same way!!

Plaid Queensway said...

Who knows these things!If that was the intention then it backfired a bit:)