Sunday, 30 November 2008

Intentionally Homeless

Saw a guy the other day who'd had his house repossessed and had presented at WCBC Homeless Office in Lampit St, only to be told that because he couldn't pay his mortgage council classed him as intentionally homeless, a bit rich really when the guy had his working hours cut because of the economic situation and that was why he fell behind with his mortgage. I then thought, well how much of a problem is this and asked for the relevant statistics, and you know how it is, they don't hold the data you really want, which was number of repossessions classified as intentionally homeless so I get what they wanted to give me.

Number of people presenting to the Homeless office (April to October 2008) - 410.

Numbers unintentionally homeless - 193

Numbers intentionally homeless - 41

Remainder not classed as homeless or in priority need.

Of the 193 where decisions were made 11 were repossessions for mortgage arrears which was up from 8 in the same period in 2007.

The big question is how many of the 41 classed as intentionally homeless were as a result of repossession of their homes? Sorry can't find that out...yet!


Anonymous said...

What is the Labour Plaid coalition in the assembly doing to tackle the homeless crisis?

Bill said...

Hi Plaid
I'm writing from Shelter, the homelessness charity. Did you find out how many of the 41 people classified as intentionaly homeless were the result of repossession. If so I'd be interested in hearing. My email is and my name is Bill. cheers and all the best