Wednesday, 5 November 2008

US Elections

You may think I'm a sad raincoat staying up till 0300 hrs for the US Elections, I just think that Obama will win it with the BBC/ABC calling Ohio and Pensylvania for Obama...I hope we don't have a repeat of 2000 when the News Channels called it all wrong. At the moment its McCain 124, Obama 200, with California, Washington State, Oregon, Virginia, Florida and N. Carolina to be called again.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for an Obama Presidency...greater peace in the world...a better economy and of course better democratic government.

Will update all have a nice day now!!

Its now 3.30am and Libby Dole, Republican Senator for North Carolina has lost her seat to a Democrat, she is the ex wife of Republican Presidential Candidate Bob Dole. This leaves Democrats with a clear majority in the US Senate of somewhere between 4 and 6 seats depending who you believe...deep joy!! Its now Obama 207 to Mc Cain 138...63 votes to go and Obama wins...hip, hip............

Might get back to you...but feeling a bit tired now!!

Still here at 4.05 am, Virginia has gone for Barack Obama....I think that's clinched it.
CNN project Obama next President... what can I say... its a great day...going to a minute perhaps...!!

He's done it yes!! Just listened to McCain's speech...very magnanimous, sincere and honorable I must say

Anyway I'm signing off at at 4:50am... You all take care now!!

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