Saturday, 20 December 2008

Labour falls behind in opinion poll.

A poll by the Telegraph and YouGov show that the gap between Labour and Conservatives has widened again to 7% up from 4%, with the Conservatives now on 42%, Labour on 35% and the Lib Dems on 14%. This doesn't surprise me in the least, I was more surprised when the gap narrowed and Brown got credit for 'saving' the economy...some 'saving'!! Wasn't this the guy who presided over the economy for 10 years as Chanchellor and so he must take a lot of responsibility for this deregulated unfettered financial market where financiars could bet on share prices going up or down (longs and shorts) which was partly responsible for the collapse of HBOS and the near collapse of RBS. What Gordon Brown and his right wing pals around the world has created is a global financial market based on a Las Vegas casino culture. I'm just glad that people are beginning to realise that far from being the saviour of this country from financial ruin he is in fact a very big cause of the problem... Gordon Brown is part of the problem and NOT the solution.