Monday, 29 December 2008

Labour - "Morally Corrupt"

As a son of the manse it must have really rankled Gordon Brown to have his government described as "morally corrupt," by Bishops of the Church of England. In summary and as quoted in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph, they said, "...the Government now presided over a country suffering family breakdown, an unhealthy reliance on debt and a growing divide between rich and poor." This article is 'spot on' and it was very courageous of those Bishops to speak out as they did knowing full well that there will now be a massive call from within the Labour Parliamentary Group to disestablish the Church from the State for what will be seen as an act of betrayel by the Church against the Government of the day. I applaud what the Bishop's had to say and if it hurts Gordon be it...the TRUTH often does hurt.

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