Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Prince Harry's Racist Comments

The following is a letter which I have today sent to the Daily Post and the Evening Leader.

Dear Editor,

Politicians and others are right to condemn Prince Harry's comments about 'Pakis' and 'Ragheads' (Harry 'unacceptable', Daily Post, January 13th), the words are well known as being offensive and unacceptable and what sort of message does it send out to minority groups by the third in line as Head of State not to mention to those who see him as a 'role model'.

Such behaviour is not tolerated within the public services and particularly not the Police Service where such behaviour would have in all probability resulted in a requirement to resign. One therefore wonders what action the Ministry of Defence will take against Prince Harry, will they as a minimum discipline him?

Yours sincerely,

Will he be treated differently to the rest of us?...Comments!!


Anonymous said...

This kind of talk is absolutely normal for the upper-class morons who make up the officer class in the British Army.
When people talk about the Officers' Mess,it's usually the fuck ups these morons have caused on the battleground.

little red rooster said...

Can we just refer to the 3rd in line to the throne as "Brit royal parasite"?

Anonymous said...

Did you have to use the words in your letter? I find them offensive no matter who is saying them or why.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Apologies...I did think twice about using them, didn't know if everyone who read the letter knew the background and what the words were, at least I indicated they were quotes.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Its obviously like father like son, Prince Charles calls his Asian Polo mate 'Sooty'...what sort of education do these people get...these types of words have been totally unacceptable. I did a course once with a black guy and his mates called him 'Whitey'...they thought he didn't mind but in reality it was acquiesence due to the fact it was easier to accept than to challenge, I think its also the case with 'Sooty'