Sunday, 15 February 2009

Ethnic Cleansing

Yes that's what a Cardiff Labour Councillor who works for Rhodri Morgan describes efforts by Cardiff City Council to meet parents demands for increased Welsh language provision. This is over a potential decision to close/move Lansdowne School in Cardiff and move the Welsh Medium School, Ysgol Treganna to its location. As Lansdowne School is 50/50 white/ethnic, Councillor Patel considers this decision to be 'ethnic cleansing.' His boss however condemns his comments but there again describes the situation as 'polarisation,' which isn't much better.

This sort of comments isn't restricted to the Labour Party in Cardiff but our local Labour party holds similar views. I recall some months ago when the provision of Welsh Medium Education was discussed that one leading Labour County Councillor described the policy as, 'language apartheid' and 'segregation'...strong and emotive words which makes me think whether the Labour Party in Wales have an unwritten policy to link the Welsh language to race and diversity in order to create tensions and attempt to discredit others who support parental choice in education.


welshfledgling said...

Rydynt wedi cynnwys ar ein blog roll gallwch chi wneud yr un peth sgwelwch yn dda.

Blog Newydd amdan ymgyrchoedd Plaid Cymru yn Ewrop

Anonymous said...

could you please tell us who that councillor was?
I'm ready to believe it, having seen and heard similar stuff myself in Cardiff, but it's best to be able to support it.
Leave some evidence on Welsh Ramblings too please, because some people are denying it.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

It was the Deputy Leader of the Labour Group on WCBC.