Saturday, 14 February 2009

Ian Lucas - Whiter than white!!

Last week in his column to the Wrexham Chronicle, Ian Lucas writes critically about the members of the House of Lords demanding cash for changing legislation. He goes on to say that he only does Parliamentary work as he has no time for other work. This assertion from Lucas is not quite true as the following letter I sent to the Chronicle (and which was published),demonstrates:

Dear Editor,

I must take issue with Ian Lucas in his recent letter, "Lords allegations are shocking" (Chronicle, February 5th) where he reassures us that he has no time for work other than his parliamentary work. Perhaps Mr Lucas can therefore clarify his exact role, paid or otherwise when he represented Trevor Rees Jones at the inquest of Diana the Princess of Wales at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. This incidentally was the same day that thousands of Police Officers were marching in London including many from Mr Lucas's own constituency; but as we now know Mr Lucas was too busy doing non parliamentary work that day to meet those officers. It therefore appears that Mr Lucas is not quite as committed to his parliamentary work as he would like us to believe, its more of a question of, "Do as I say not as I do."

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