Friday, 27 February 2009

Majority back Welsh parliament

Support for a Welsh Parliament is growing, according to a new BBC opinion poll.

More than half of people in Wales would vote for the Welsh assembly to have full law-making powers, according to an exclusive BBC Wales/ICM poll.
A total of 52% said they would vote for full law-making powers in a referendum, 39% said they would vote against.
It is the first time a poll has shown majority support for full powers.
But it does not indicate the shift of opinion in favour of further devolution is likely to be enough to tempt political leaders to call a referendum.

In favour of turning assembly into full law-making parliament: 52%
Against turning assembly into full law-making parliament: 39%
Don't know: 9%

Source: BBC Wales/ICM poll

In an equivalent poll for the BBC a year ago, 49% of people were in favour of full assembly law-making powers, with 42% against and 9% undecided.
In 2007, the result was 47% for full law-making powers and 44% against.
In this latest survey, when people were asked how Wales should be governed, the highest proportion, 34%, said they would like to see a full law-making Welsh parliament with taxation powers, but remaining part of the UK.
Some 10% said they would like a full law-making parliament within the UK with no taxation powers - the only option in a referendum under current legislation.

Law-making Welsh parliament with tax powers in UK: 34%
Law-making Welsh parliament with no tax powers in UK: 10%
Independent Wales outside UK but in EU: 8%
Independent Wales outside UK and EU: 5%
Status quo: 21%
Abolish assembly 19%
Don't know: 4%

Source: BBC Wales/ICM poll

The gap between yes and no voters has grown from 7% to 13% in the past year without any campaigning from pro-devolutionary forces - it seems like a good time to be pushing the case for a referendum. If we don't get one before the Tories come to power, can we really expect Cameron to deliver?


Draig said...

In Swansea, Wales First are holding a Public Meeting on the issue this Wednesday. The aim is to kick off a "street level" campaign in this area and roll it out to other areas. We need to get on with the job and make the case.

It's good that Bethan Jenkins is willing to step up to the plate on this issue and support Wales First's case. Labour are a different matter, but the broader a "Yes" campaign gets, the more isolated Labour are going to look...

Anonymous said...

What's the use of having a welsh parliament when it will just be full of career politicians.This is what the assembly comprises of,and that includes Plaid members as well.I cant even begin to think of the sheer horros of childish and immature Bethan Jenkins,or the turncoat socialist Leanne Wood being given greater would just increase their abilities to be hypocrites.
We dont need Parliaments we need to create a power base for the people by the people.
Jim Hughes

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Do you think the same of Westminster politicians? or are they ok? How do you create a power base for the people? Isn't that whsat a government is for. Why is Leanne a turncoat? Are you seriously trying to say that Labour are even still pretending to be socialist in any way!! The mantle of social justice has passed to Plaid Cymru a long time ago!!

Plaid Whitegate said...

Let us know how the meeting goes Draig - a grassroots campaign for greater powers would be a start.