Friday, 20 March 2009


Charisma is a partnership project launched in 2003, between WCBC, NHS Trust, LHB and National Public Health to "improve the asthmatic health and overall quality of life of children with moderate or severe asthma in Wrecsam by improving their housing conditions" Approx 200 children were identified as suffering from severe/moderate asthma and visits were made to their homes by officers from WCBC Housing Dept to assess the condition of the home and to see whether housing improvements such as ventilation or central heating would improve their child's health after 4 months and then after 12 months. The results of this project were impressive with considerable improvement in the health of the children where there had been intervention through the housing improvements.

The success of this project has been recognised with Wrecsam Council and its partners having been shortlisted for the 2009 NHS Wales Award. The judges visited Wrecsam today where they met parents and children who had taken part together with project staff and elected members. The judges then enjoyed a presentation by the project team.

We very much hope that Wrecsam Council are succesfull in winning this award for an innovative project which is an admirable example of joined up thinking by all partners and produced tangible real benefits to children and their families.

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