Sunday, 29 March 2009

Gwersyllt Community Council

On Thursday 26th March 2009, a by election was held for a casual vacancy for the Gwersyllt West Ward of Gwersyllt Community Council. This followed the resignation of Labour Councillor Keith Hett. It is unusual and expensive for an election to be held at Community Council level the vacancy is usually filled by co opting someone who is deserving and hard working in the community.

This wasn't to be for Gwersyllt, rather the Mr Fix It's of the Wrexham Constituency Labour Party would select the co optee and they chose an ex Community Councillor who had been DEFEATED at the May elections and who did not live on the Gwersyllt West ward.

To be honest I didn't think a lot of this process, it smacked of old Labour domination taking people for granted...nepotism remember Harold Wilson...smoke filled rooms etc, etc, so I decided to advertise the vacancy amongst the residents of Gwersyllt West.

Mrs Jackie Roberts expressed an interest and was duly nominated. Jackie has lived on the ward for 16 years and is married with a daughter and she works at M&S. Jackie has been very active over a number of years raising money firstly for Plas Coch PTA and now Morgan Llwyd PTA which she chairs. Jackie is not a member of a political party and stood as an independent.

Despite extensive campaigning...telephone...glossy flyers and the active support of at least 2 Labour County Councillors the Labour candidate lost. The result was:

Jackie Roberts (Independent) 155
Harold Dennis Wynne (Labour) 127

This on a turnout of about 11%

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