Monday, 30 March 2009

Labour's European Campaign Video.

So Labour have finally pulled that 'embarassing cringeworthy' video from their Aneurin Glyndwr website whilst giving the following reasons:

We have removed our Why, Why, Why? video from YouTube after we were informed that some Nats and Tories had complained.

It's a real shame that these sensitive souls are so easily offended, and find criticism so hard to take! that's what I call spin, since when have Labour stopped doing anything because the Tories and Plaid have complained. They pulled the video because they'd broken the law by using the copyright to Delilah without permission; and of course pulling it had nothing to do with the fact that it was a totally amateurish attempt at creating a video...the truth is that Labour's hieararchy are absolutely embarrassed about all the flack the party had had over this from its own members...check out Labour List blog for a sample of comments.

Anyone who hasn't seen the video nasty just ask any Plaid blogger we've all probably kept it for its entertainment value and for training purposes in how not to do things.


Plaid Gwersyllt said...

From BBC Wales website:

Morgan disowns 'vampire' video

...and that's Rhodri!!

Anonymous said...

Labour do not care about the people, only the £64,000 some MPs get a year for doing naf all, there on the run and they no it,look at the last local elections,and when there gone, shall wales be free of the labour, and let aparty that does care about its people run wales for welsh people and not parliament