Thursday, 26 March 2009

Welsh poverty - a Labour success story!

A new low in political campaigning has been reached.

Labour's new website launches with one of those painfully amateurish "satirical songs" that don't quite scan and never ever rhyme.

To hear that it was written by Eluned Morgan, a sitting Labour MEP, makes me wonder what we're paying her to do in Brussels.

For those of a sensitive nature, who may be unable to endure the full three-minute version, Labour is claiming credit for getting European funding for West Wales and the Valleys.

Objective One funding is given to those areas of the EU that have an income of less than 75% of the average GDP, i.e. the poorest parts of the continent. The only other parts of the UK to receive O1 funding were Cornwall and Merseyside, two economic basketcases.

Between 2002-08, £1.2 billion went on a variety of projects and such was the impact that Welsh GDP continued to fall in relation to the rest of the UK and we qualified for yet more European funding! The top-down nature of the funding has been heavily criticised by community groups, local enterprises and economists who feel the money has been squandered by Labour on pet projects that haven't delivered sustainable jobs or infrastructural improvements.

This enduring poverty is what Eluned Morgan and Labour consider to be a result - another Labour success! Perhaps she can explain being poor enough for another six years of European handouts is anything to sing about?


Plaid Queensway said...

Why why why Labour? This video really is cringe worthy!Apparently Peter Hain describes the new website as "an Obama moment for Welsh Labour". Oh dear...........

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that she doesn't even know that Major put Redwood into the Welsh Office, not Thatcher.

What indeed has Eluned MEP been doing in Brussels? Vegetating?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Talking of poverty did anyone see Betsan Powys and "One Family in Wales" last night? Betsan has been tracking the Warner family and their 13 children who live in an area of multiple deprivation near Aberdar. Basically, there has been no change in their situation from one generation to the next as far as alleviating poverty is concerned. A total Labour failure.

the ghost of nye bevan said...

Incredible! Eluned Morgan has gone down in my estimation ...and I didn't rate her before viewing this!

Labour's got no policies (except to bail out the banksters), so they have to slam their political opponents with this sort of rubbish.

Anonymous said...

This Obama moment looks more like a Redwood moment to me.

Plaid Queensway said...

From Peter Black AM:

"At the moment is the internet equivalent of watching your dad dance at a disco."

Also cheack out

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Love what Rhydian had to say on John Dixon's blog, its not an Obama moment its more like a George 'Dubya' Bush moment...probably best description yet.

Check out the Conservative Home blogsite and Labour List and to be honest you can't tell the difference in the comments...there's an awful lot of p....d off grass roots Labour supporters!...good eh!