Monday, 23 March 2009

Who said ....

"Its about making the effort to be part of the community where you have decided to live."?

No it wasn't Plaid Cymru, Cymuned or Cymdeithas yr Iaith...we wouldn't have dared would we?

No it was Lib Dem Councillor Deva Kumarasiri who was a postmaster in Nottingham who refused to serve customers who couldn't speak English. Deva is himself a native Sri Lankan who is described as passionate for his adoptive country believes that immigrants should speak the language of their adopted country. Deva has now been moved from his job following complaints.

Most of the national press (Telegraph, Mail, Mirror etc) support Deva's stance described in the Mail as a patriot...I just wonder what they would say if a customer in Wales was refused service cos he couldn't speak Welsh !

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