Monday, 13 April 2009


This blog is definitely a lesson learnt for me as far as my blogging career is concerned...I need to trust my sources! I was told by an ex colleague on the 2nd April 2009, that our esteemed Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom was out in the Caribbean being interviewed for the vacant Chief Constable's post at the Cayman Islands. I must be honest I found the story hard to believe... hadn't the authorities in the Cayman 'googled' him and found all the silly things he'd done over the years? Anyway I always like to get my rumours confirmed by 2 sources and I couldn't on this occasion, and even the BBC in Bangor couldn't confirm the story so I thought it was a windup.
Imagine my surprise and... annoyance when this story broke in the Telegraph on the 12th April.
But there we are if you are a conscientious and careful blogger you come up with the truth, unlike Labour's recent attempt at 'smearing political opponents' by setting up the Red Rag blog and getting caught by none other than the top blogger Guido Fawkes himself...more of this later!

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