Monday, 13 April 2009

Labour's Self Destruction!!

A matter of weeks ago we had the infamous Welsh Labour's Aneurin Glyndwr and Peter Hain and Eluned Morgan's Delilah video...a juvenile attempt at smearing Labour's opponents in Wales' which well and truly blew up in their faces when Rhodri Morgan publicly disassociated himself from this European Campaign video.

Did Labour learn a of course they didn't!! as we found out over the weekend with the resignation of Gordon Brown's special advisor Damian McBride for sending out emails to Derek Draper an ex Labour spin doctor. These emails discussed setting up a blog called Red Rag to smear opposition Conservative politicians with "unfounded gossip." Unfortunately for McBride the emails found their way to Guido Fawkes's famous political blog and McBride was sacked by 10 Downing Street. As you can imagine the Tories are up in arms about this and demanding a personal apology from the Prime Minister.

To see how Guido Fawkes broke the story and what the emails actually said go here

To see grassroots Labour reaction go to Derek Draper's Apologies and Regret blog go here

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alanindyfed said...

How are the mighty fallen!
What kind of Britain have Labour
brought into being? We live in a monstrous society where nothing is scred. It will take a generation to undo the harm and damage caused by this government's inhuman and insane policies and its squandering of public resources. Meanwhile I for one will remain exiled.