Thursday, 30 April 2009

Restructuring and Social Care.

There have been rumours for some time that the Health restructuring in Wales is only the start and that local government will be next.

Powys County Council has already commenced a consultation process with the Powys Local Health Board towards greater collaboration (or is that amalgamation?)of the two authorities. This is now a reality as the following briefing paper from the WLGA testifies:

Powys LHB and Powys council are conducting a twelve week option appraisal project with the support of WAG and the WLGA. At the end of July the two respective bodies will consider how far to integrate existing organisations, management and service delivery. Options from securing greater service alignment, shared management arrangements or the creation of one unified new body are being considered. A project board has met to authorise the process and a project group has been established to co ordinate the work. The desire to provide high quality services to the people of Powys, its uniqueness of the geography and demographics plus the NHS reforms ( Powys LHB is not being abolished in the NHS reforms) have underpinned the decision to take forward this project.

And on Radio Cymru recently who have the rejuvenated ex Welsh Tory leader, Rod Richards spouting at the need to reduce the 22 local authorities and to take social care away from councils altogether and give it to Health so that we don't have the constant bickering between health and councils over the difference between 'nursing' and 'care'

It is the belief of senior staff within Health that there is an agenda within WAG to bring things ever closer smoke without fire! and that the Powys 'collaboration' is the tip of the iceberg.

If this happens in North Wales with one Local Health Board and 6 Local Authorities I'm not sure how it would work but we would most certainly lose what we now call 'localism' (Keeping Llandudno Hospital open for example)

I very much hope that Children's Social Care doesn't come under the Betsi Cadwalader Trust...Wrexham LHB cannot adequately fund continuing care for children with disabilities as it stands now, with the Council disproportionately carrying the burden.

Keep a close watch on developments in Powys, what happens there will happen in Wales in due course.


Anonymous said...

You're just worried that the gravy train will have a lot less passengers on it, yourself included!!

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

If you check what everybody gets you'll probably find I'm travelling third class on the gravy train unlike some people who are on the Council and the Fire Authority AND get 2 lots of Special Responsibility Allowance...try guessing which party that person belongs to?

Anonymous said...

You are either a social martyr or an incredibly bitter man Mr Jones. You appear to think that by being a Parliamentary candidate, it is your sole duty in public office to go around with a holier than thou attitude towards everybody. Thankfully the voting public be they Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat will see through your bile.
Your previous answer, almost childlike with its "Sir, please don't blame me, little Tommy is doing much worse" attitude clearly shows you are far too politically immature to be at the level of Parliamentary candidate. Do yourself and our party a favour and stand down before you embarrass yourself further and hopefully a more appropriate candidate could actually represent Plaid in a successful electoral campaign.
Oh and just by you being a blogger, doesn't make me feel I get value for money from you as MY councillor either!

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I write a read into it something that wasn't criticise me...fine, I have the right to reply...and you go off on one. Pray tell me who cast the first stone. One thing is for sure I didn't become a Councillor to make money and as you probably know I do voluntary work over and above what I do for WCBC, so yes I am probably motivated by altruism because there is far greater satisfaction in altruism.
If you continue to be unhappy can I suggest you start your own blog so you can continue to rant there to your heart's content...anonymously of course!!
And you have anything useful to contribute to the content of this blog?

Anonymous said...

No I don't.... a bit like yourself in that respect!