Saturday, 18 April 2009

Welsh Lib Dem Conference

I never did intend to blog about the Lib Dem Conference, I always thought I would have something better to do. There again when your party leader is booed by conference delegates then its something worth talking about. Yes poor old Nick Clegg was booed by delegates for saying something elitist about the Lib Dems being 'broadsheet readers,' not a good start to a conference or to a year when there will be two elections.

What get's me about the Lib Dems is what the hell are they about, "We'll stand up for our beliefs" is the article headline in the Daily Post and the article goes on to say, '...said the main Lib Dem challenge was to be clear about what they stood for.' Exactly...and does he go on to say what they stand for...No!! When Nick Clegg does find out what he and the Lib Dems stand for, perhaps he can tell the Coalition in Wrecsam.

Nick Clegg accuses Plaid Cymru of turning its back on its principles over top up tuition fees but fails to mention the fact the Lib Dems did excatly the same when they were in coalition with Labour in Scotland.

Pot...Kettle...Black...comes to mind!

NB - The Lib Dems are also very good at reminding other political parties of their past but they also have a past of which they are not too proud of. To see Youtube video go here
...and that was after Churchill's warnings!!

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