Thursday, 16 April 2009


I must say that my sympathy goes out to Margaret Haywood, the nurse that secretly filmed filthy conditions in a hospital and neglect for elderly patients for Panorama and who was today struck off the register by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

I think the Director of Patient Concern sums up my thoughts on the matter,
This just demonstrates the priorities of the regulators - rules come before patients every time. The message that goes out to nurses is: however badly you see patients treated, keep your face shut.

This makes total nonsense of all the talk about openness and transparency in the NHS. Cover-up is the order of the game

The NMC News this month contains a handy little reference book titled, 'Guidance for the care of older people' but it doesn't tell you what do if you want to 'whistleblow' or if management ignores nurses concerns about conditions and treatment of the elderly.

The biggest shame is its that the front line nursing staff that have to suffer and are penalised and not the pen pushing bureaucratic hospital management that are ultimately responsible for these atrocious conditions in many hospitals.

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