Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Wisdom of Caia Park

This is a book, or they describe it as an almanac. It is a nicely produced book approx 70 pages in length and professionally bound in hardback...it is an interesting read and is produced by Caia Park Communities First in conjunction with Wrecsam Council, the Arts Council and the Welsh Assembly Government.The book is about,and I quote,
" This book comprises of a year's-worth of local wisdom expressed by people of all ages and life experiences with connections to Caia Park, one of the largest districts in Wrexham, North Wales."

It is delivered free to every household in Caia Park...The publication of this book/almanac and its free distribution to thousands of households didn't come cheap and in area of multiple deprivation like Caia Park we must question whether this is the best use of Communities First money. Does the publication and distribution of this almanac meet any of the aims and objectives of Communities First?. We should therefore be able to ask how much this almanac cost and who funded it and to what extent...we look forward to the answers.


Anonymous said...

13,000 homes and this kind of stuff doesn't come cheap - say three quid a throw.

I'd say this has cost 39k, an absolute scandal when there are play areas in the Park that need improving.

Dba said...

since there is money for this kind of project then perhaps, the UDECIDE could ask for some funding for projects in the community ,£30,000+ would go along way in making and giving people a say in what they want.
Perhaps more security lights for the oap's,or a down payment on the red dragon pub.

Anonymous said...

Well I cannot beleive they have the cheek to even think of something like this! Caia park community don't make me laugh. Waste of money. Waste of time and a compleat waste of effort. Why should we have to pay so much for this rubish in our taxes!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, what a complete waste of the tax payers money. That money could have been better spent through out caia park. How is a book meant to make the lives of people in caia park any better, I thought that was part of what they are there to do. There are areas that have nothing from them such as smithfield to name one of a few. Think they should concentrate on what they are here to do not what they think is best for us when they dont even bother to ask.