Monday, 4 May 2009

Brunstrom going...but with no job to go to!!

When I saw that Brunstrom was finally retiring on the 31st July 2009, I was wondering whether he'd got the job in the Cayman Islands; well apparently not...that job seems to have gone to David Baines, Assistant Chief Constable of Cheshire and two ranks below Brunstrom which I'm sure hasn't gone down well.(Source - Chris posting on
The big question now is who get's the Chief's job? As far as I can see there are only 3 with the relevant experience AND the ability to speak Welsh and they are Clive Wolfendale, the current Deputy Chief Constable, Howard Roberts, Deputy Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire and Meredydd Hughes, Chief Constable of South Yorkshire (famous for speeding in Chirk and getting banned from driving)
Despite Brunstrom's committment to providing a truly bilingual force (for which I congratulate him), he has not developed or promoted officers who can speak Welsh to senior positions. Of the top team of about 15 Superintendents and Chief Superintentents there are only two, Gareth Pritchard and Geraint Anwyl who are fluent Welsh speakers.


Lehendakari said...

The new Chief will be head hunted by Recruitment specialists costing thousands so the chances of getting a Welsh speaking Chief are zero. Typical of the Police Authority to pay someone to make decisions they should make themselves.

Lerroux said...

We should insist that the new Chief is Welsh speaking, like Howard Roberts who is from Anglesey originally.

Super Dewsyn said...

I suppose Brunstrom may well find himself in the House of Lords. No doubt his talent for promoting ill considered and bizarre ideas will come in useful as a political advisor to the current Home Secretary. The top cops from the Met have flunked their peerage after raiding MPs offices in search of terrorists and 'mistakes' with shooting Brazilians.

So as long as Brunstrom keeps his mouth shut, he'll do well.

Anonymous said...

I have heard he may join the political arena in a party with good verbal and politically correct links i.e PC