Saturday, 9 May 2009

Caia councillors praise 'outstanding' nursery

Caia Park councillors have praised a recent Estyn report for the Caia Park Nursery school as "a centre of excellence". The official inspection report describes many aspects of the nursery’s work as "outstanding" and the school itself as "highly successful".

The nursery school on Prince Charles Road, Caia Park, caters for children between the ages of three and four from across the Wrecsam area and is seen as a centre for educational excellence for the whole area.

Smithfield Councillor Keith Gregory said: “We are very lucky to have such a valuable service in Caia Park, it’s one of a kind. The nursery has a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere which I’m sure is a key aspect of its success, well done to everyone involved.”

These comments were echoed by Councillor Ronnie Prince of Cartrefle ward: “The Caia nursery is a great facility, we’re all very proud of their success”.

Whitegate Councillor Marc Jones added: “The Caia nursery really is an integral part of the community with all parents full of praise for the service it provides. The early intervention provided by the dedicated team of staff is an essential stepping stone to full-time education for many of the children who attend. I congratulate all the staff, governors and parents for what can only be described as superb report."

The nursery is currently facing proposals to make it part of Hafod y Wern school, a move that parents, staff and governors fear could jeopardise the good work featured in the Estyn report.

Councillor Carrie Harper, of Queensway ward, said: “The report speaks for itself with the head teacher particularly receiving a glowing review. As councillors we were concerned to hear of an upcoming consultation about the future of the nursery. It would seem ridiculous to make any changes to what is obviously such a successful formula - as the saying goes, if it ain't broke, why fix it?

"The nursery and staff have our full support and we’re sure many children in the area will continue to benefit from the expertise and commitment on offer. Well done Caia Park nursery.”

• Both Carrie and myself enjoyed chatting to staff, parents and governors at the celebration there on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Sooner Labour and the Liberals oust the lot of ya at the next election!

You have all been cosying upto the Venture and Caia Park Partnership then privately calling for funding cuts!

Im sure your election literature and recent Plaid newsletter called for redistribution of funding across Caia! Will be interesting to see your pledges in 3 years time!

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

The Council decided to look at the way they did business with CPP, the Venture and a whole host of other organisation in November
2007. We only got elected in May 2008, so exactly how can we be responsible? We as all RESPONSIBLE Councillors want taxpayers money spent in the most efficient and effective way and Malcolm King can't be bothered to show officers of the Council how he spends his money so are you really surprised the Council has reduced his funding. If the Venture closes then that's Malcolm's choice, all he's doing is batting the blame away from himself and people believe him.

Plaid Queensway said...

'Privately calling for cuts', that's a lie. I'm sure you have proof of this that you're happy to share with us? Plenty of people seem to have a lot to say at the moment but can't back up any of the lies they're spreading.

Easy to make accusations when you post as 'anonymous'