Saturday, 23 May 2009

Censored - Nadine Dorries.

Love her or hate her Nadine Dorries, Conservative MP, has hardly been out of the news this year. First of all she was a victim in the Damien McBride email smear, then she upset David Cameron for saying that the Telegraph revelations is a 'whitch hunt' and that MP's are 'suicidal.' Now we have the Barclay Brothers owners of the Daily Telegraph successfully blocking and removing Nadine Dorries's blog because she had the audacity to claim in her blog that the Daily Telegraph 'witch hunt' against MP's and their expenses is to boost support for the BNP and UKIP before the European elections. For the Barclay brothers to take such unprecedented action rather than just issue a denial would suggest 'no smoke without fire.'

Now we know that these expenses were due to be published in July 2009 anyway, so why were the Telegraph so anxious to publish NOW was it just to maximise their scoop or was there an ulterior motive such as the influencing of the result of the European election...I think the lady's onto something.

If this is right and at the moment it is an allegation, then there could be unintended consequences of the Telegraph's actions, it may not be the BNP and UKIP that will benefit from the public 'anti politics' disillusionment in Wales and Scotland but rather Plaid Cymru and the SNP.

Whatever motivated the Barclay Brothers to censure Nadine Dorries's blog it most certainly raises issues around our rights of 'free speech' and 'freedom of expression'

I'm sure Nadine Dorries doesn't need me to encourage her to repeat the contents of her censured blog in the House using the protection of parliamentary privelege, I'm sure the Guardian and Independent would publish her comments in full.

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